Monday, June 30, 2008

June 30, 2008

This little car was given to us by my friend who has the twin girls. Both boys enjoy it but Ben really loves this little car. He has this thing about driving and is always pretending that he is driving. One day, he was walking around while holding his hands out in front of him. With each hand he had his thumb and a few fingers touching each other, pressed together tightly at the fingertips, almost like you would do if you were holding up some clothes or something. I asked him what he was doing and, with a big smile, he told me he was driving the car. He loves to pretend to drive and especially to back up and he pretends to do this while driving around the small big-wheel-type bike thing that we have in the house, as well as the ride-on truck and the two trikes.

We have to really keep an eye on him around the car and we can never, ever leave the car running with him around. He loves to sit in the driver seat of any vehicle and pretend to drive. It is definitely one of his favorite things to do these days. If I turn my back for a second while in the garage, he will be in the driver seat of my car and he is so disappointed when I tell him he cannot do this.

So, it is not a wonder that he loves this little car so much. Before we got this little car, he would only go outside if an adult was outside with him, much to Nick's disappointment. Now that he has this car, he wants to go outside all the time and he gets very upset if he does not get to drive it first.

The funny thing is that it seems that Nick understands when Ben gets a bee in his bonnet about a particular toy and he tends to give in to Ben in these situations. It is really very interesting to watch.

So, one of the things I am very grateful for this summer is this little car and how happy it makes our little driver.

Just so you know, in the first picture he is parking, in the second one he is driving, in the third one he is backing up, in the fourth one he is "mailing some letters" (I had to ask him what he was doing on this one:) and in the last one he is posing for a picture after he parked (they are out of order:).

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