Tuesday, June 24, 2008

June 24, 2008

He is doing much better today. They did a cat scan on his knee last night and everything looked good. He said the redness, swelling and heat in his leg is much better this morning. They are currently making arrangements so he can continue to give himself the IV antibiotics after he leaves the hospital. He has to have it for two more weeks. They put a pick line in his arm yesterday and took his IV out, so he will be able to administer the medication through the pick line at home or at his office. He is suppose to get out of the hospital sometime today, once they arrange the medication situation. He said that he may not get out until this evening, since sometimes they move a bit slowly.

I took the boys to see him yesterday at the hospital. I planned it where they had their snack with him and we took some snack food for him too. That kept them occupied for a while and then dad read a book, to which nobody paid much attention because they were too busy checking out the room. It is quite a challenge to keep Nick from pushing buttons, so a hospital room is not the ideal environment for him, although he is doing quite well with leaving my laptop alone these days, which is nice.

The dad's leg looked better yesterday too but I was surprised at how bad it had been when he had finally gotten settled into his room and the residents/docs had examined him. They marked on his leg where the redness was and it had crept down almost to his foot. It was a good thing they admitted him when they did, as it seemed pretty aggressive.

He sounded completely like his old self today. He took a lot of stuff with him to the hospital to work on and it seemed like he was getting a lot done. He had his work laptop with him and the hospital has a wireless network that he has access to so I'm sure that helped to alleviate his boredom somewhat. Knowing him, he will come home, change into work clothes, mow the lawn and be back in his office seeing patients tomorrow.

There is just nothing like a situation like this to remind one to appreciate ones husband more:). He is such a blessing to me and the boys and we would be lost without him.

I am so looking forward to getting back to normal around here. This vacation did not quite turn out like we had expected. The next time he takes a vacation, I think we need to leave town.


MMrussianadoption said...

glad he is on the mend

musicmommy3 said...

I hope that he is feeling MUCH better now. I'm looking forward to an update. :)

Jana H said...

Lea, I'm so glad the dad is feeling better. It's no fun for anyone to be sick. I know I have written on my blog in a while, but I'm going to try to start doing better so you'll have to check it out. Love you. Jana