Thursday, June 12, 2008

June 12, 2008

Well, we continued to learn about using the potty today. Oh what fun we are having! :)

The boys are doing pretty well really. Nick especially is getting the hang of getting there before he wets on anything. I am learning to read Ben's signs that he has to go but he is sometimes reluctant to go, although he is quite happy once he has gone. He is proud of himself and is very excited to get a little reward.

The 'other business' is another whole different story though. I won't provide any gory details but we have not quite mastered that yet. We are getting closer though so hopefully we will make more progress tomorrow.

We are doing pull ups at nap time and night time for now. We put them on at the very last minute and take them off as soon as they wake up. Both boys were dry after nap today. They are definitely gaining more control and we are just now done with our second day of learning.

They are both still very positive about the whole potty business generally. If we ask them if they are happy they are not wearing diapers, they both say yes. We have had many very funny moments and I wish I had been writing them down because I can't remember them now. I told a few of them to my sister and she was laughing hysterically. Maybe she will remember them.

Once again, I spent the entire day focusing on them, playing with them, reading to them and keeping them within eye-shot of me. We had a fun day overall, although I am really tired. I am wondering how long it will take for us to actually be able to go out again without worrying if someone is going to have an accident. It is suppose to rain tomorrow, which is great because it will make it easier for them to be inside for the third day in a row. If it is nice on Saturday, we will spend a good portion of the day outside and see how that goes. Hopefully we will continue to make good progress tomorrow so we will be ready for a day outside on Saturday.

The dad is on vacation starting tomorrow and then all next week, which is nice. He will be quite busy though. He is going to be taking out the tile in our bathroom and putting in the new tile, along with the heating system that will go under the tile. Hopefully our bathroom will be a bit warmer next winter.

Our staying in bed issue has not improved much. The dad is handling this at night, since I am exhausted with the potty training duties. Today I delayed nap time for an hour, hoping they might go to sleep easier. Nonetheless, after putting them down, I quickly decided just to sit in their room until they fell asleep. Nick was asleep within 20 minutes. If they both fell asleep this quickly, I would do this every day. Ben took over an hour to fall asleep. I finally got tired of waiting so I gave him a calculator to play with, which made him very happy, and I left the room. He eventually woke N up so I had to go back up and found that Ben had a dirty pull-up. After changing him, I sat in their room again while they fell asleep. They were both asleep quickly that time. I'm sure this will improve over time but I think I will probably just plan to sit with them until they fall asleep at nap times for a while.

It is absolutely amazing how many natural disasters are happening these days. Between fires in CA and FL, mudslides, floods and tornadoes, you can't turn the news on these days without hearing tons of stories about natural disasters. I can't recall ever hearing about this many at once before. It's very sad.

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jeneflower said...

Good luck with the potty training thing. It is a long road, but one that will lead to success- Or so they tell me!