Friday, June 13, 2008

June 13, 2008

This is our third day of potty training and it is going very well. We only had one partial accident today and a couple of partially wet pants but everything else went where it was suppose to go. Mommy likes that:). We also didn't have any dirty pants or messes to clean up so I know they will be coming sooner or later. I have a feeling they are at work on changing the schedule for those so they will end up happening in their pull ups, just after they wake up from nap or night. Both boys are still excited about using the potty, wearing pants and being 'big boys', which is cute. They are also still very excited about the 'prizes', although they do forget to get them sometimes.

We had such a good morning today that we all laid in bed and watched a movie and ate popcorn together. They really enjoyed that, most especially the popcorn. We were watching a Thomas the Train DVD and it did not hold their attention for very long...maybe 15 minutes. I'm OK with that though. I also let them watch this other little DVD that I recently got for them, which shows a group of kids in their Sunday School class and they are singing popular kid's Christian songs and dancing and doing hand motions to the music. Now this one they will sit and watch all the way through. It is amazing to watch because it is as if they go into a trance, as they sit and stare at the TV. After that, we went back to playing again.

We have been doing lots of puzzles, playing with play dough a lot, reading, coloring and drawing and they also spend time playing with their trucks and pushing their grocery carts around. They received new little play cell phones and calculators for potty training treats so they have had a fun time with those too. I crack up listening to Nick play with his cell phone. He does a pretty good imitation of me. They both love to push buttons so I knew when I saw the $1 calculators that they would also be a big hit. What is it about boys and pushing buttons??? It is like an addiction or something. If there is a button nearby to be pushed, it is like taming wild horses to keep them away from it.

The dad started working on our master bathroom floor today. We cleaned out everything and he took out the toilet and is now taking out the tile. I don't know what the tool he is using is called but it sounds like a jack hammer. I think it is a smaller type of jack hammer-like tool. It is very loud and the amount of dust it creates is just unbelievable. Even though the master bath doors are closed, there is a thick coat of dust on everything in our room, which also means there is most likely the same thick coat of dust on everything in our closet. Yuck. And it does not smell good either. I am doubtful that we will even be able to sleep in our bedroom tonight. I will really be glad when he finishes taking out the old tile because it is not very pleasant. I'm sure he feels the same way...probably even more strongly:).

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MMrussianadoption said...

yay on the potty training front. i am doing great with O too, but K is still a challenge.