Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 14, 2008

I know father's day is tomorrow and everything but I really have to give a plug for mom's today. Having never been one before we adopted our sons, I just did not realize how much mom's do. It really is amazing.

I must say, at least for this mom, that potty training ranks way up there on the list of things that mom's do that are quite challenging and not much fun (understatement of the year). Also, if you are expecting twins or two children very close in age, be prepared for a lot of work when it comes time to potty train.

Today was day 4 of our potty training efforts. I changed my tactics a bit today, since our 'three day potty training' effort was over. We still stayed home but we spent a good amount of time outside this morning and, when we were in the house, the boys went back to having freedom to be out of my sight and to ride their trikes and other riding toys around inside of the house. So, just generally, they had a lot more freedom today. It was kind of a little test, to see how well they were doing on their potty training. I would periodically ask them if their pants were still dry, which is more of a chance to offer positive praise than anything else. I would then remind them to tell me when they needed to use the potty.

Ben amazed me today. He did not have one accident all day long (even during nap time) and he used the potty for #2 for the first time ever and then went on to do it twice more. He also let us know every time that he needed to go to the bathroom. We never had to prompt him or make him go....and, he likes to use the big potty too, which is good. So, we'll see how tomorrow goes but Ben seems to have gotten the hang of this potty thing. He sometimes still likes to tell me he has to go, have me drop everything and run in to the bathroom with him, only to tell me 'not yet'. I'm OK with this though because I would rather have false alarms than clean up messes.

Nick has also done very well, although he has not tackled pooping in the potty yet. Now that the newness of potty training is wearing off, he tends to want to wait as long as possible to run to the bathroom and he ends up with partially wet pants. But he always got the vast majority of it in the potty and none of it on the floor or anywhere else, so he really did very well too.

So, overall, we are doing very well with this potty training thing but I am exhausted. I am hoping that tomorrow will see us all start to settle into a nice routine and I can stop monitoring the boys so closely. I don't have a feel for how it goes from here, since the potty training book I am using really covers potty training in three days. So I am not quite sure how long it will take before I feel we can venture out to public places without expecting an accident. I'm also not quite sure how long the boys could wait to find a public restroom, if they needed to go while we were out and about. So, for now, I am planning to continue to stick pretty close to home.

Oh well, I'm saving gas and not having to buy diapers anymore so I guess we're doing pretty well overall.

Now if I could just catch up on some rest. Yesterday I hung out with and entertained the boys all day long, while doing the potty training thing. The dad was taking up the tile in our master bath and did not finish until late. At 10:00pm, after putting the boys to bed, we had to clean our bedroom of all the disgusting, very fine, thick dust that covered every square inch of our bedroom, which came from the master bath when the tile was being removed. I was not a very happy camper but we worked together and got it done quickly. I ended up not getting to sleep until after midnight though so I was exhausted today. On that note, I am going to bed early tonight. Good night.

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