Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 21, 2008

The boys and I are outside and they have been playing in their little pool and trying to throw a frisbee. It is very hot here today, although sitting under the patio with the ceiling fan on is not too bad and the boys are staying pretty wet and mostly shaded so they are doing OK too.

Meanwhile, the dad is lying in bed and not feeling very well today. As it turns out, he got a small cut on his knee when he was laying the tile in our master bath the other day and it is now very infected. His whole knee is very swollen, red and hot, he is running a fever and it is very likely that he has the dreaded MRSA. He started an antibiotic yesterday and it was not helping so he got another opinion from his boss, who lives in our neighborhood, and started an additional antibiotic today. If it does not improve by tonight, I think he has to get a shot of antibiotics and if that does not help, he will need to take antibiotics through an IV. Hopefully he will improve today sometime. It is odd to see him down and out because he hardly ever gets sick enough to end up in bed. Even when he has a bad cold, he just keeps going.

It is almost time for naps and I am so ready for a rest myself today. I am really bummed that naps are so short these days. If I had it to do over again, I would have left the cribs up much much longer. At least I had a little extra time with the cribs because they would play happily for a little while before going to sleep. Also, Nick normally wakes up about one hour or one hour and a half after he goes to sleep and, when he was in his crib, he would just go back to sleep. He still does the waking up part but, now that he can get up by himself and come downstairs, he no longer does the going back to sleep part.

Yesterday was not a good potty training day. Both boys had more accidents than they have had in a long time. I think it was because the dad and I were switching off with watching them and neither of us were doing a good job of reminding them and they were too busy playing. I thought that Ben was at a point where he did not need reminders anymore but I guess I was wrong. So far today we have only seen one accident, the normal, usually once per day poop accident that Nick continues to have. He makes absolutely no effort whatsoever to let us know that he needs to go and we have yet to catch him. He is not very obvious about it. We'll have to watch him extra close to catch him but that is hard because he is always on the go.

I found a minivan that seems perfect for us and it is priced very well by a private owner. The downside is that it is in Louisville, KY:). It is such a good deal that I may fly out to see it sometime in the upcoming week, with the intention of bringing it home if all looks good. My sister has offered to watch the boys. I hope it all works out because I could use the break and I think I would enjoy the drive back. I have never been to KY either, so that would be an added bonus.

I may have mentioned this and, if so, am getting ready to mention it again. This past week of the dad's "vacation" was not a vacation for me at all. If anything, I worked longer hours than normal because I had to do more laundry and cleaning than normal, plus I was still in the middle of potty training, plus the dad was so busy with the tile in the master bath that he did not have as much to help out with the boys. I am feeling a bit burned out right now and could really use a break.

A normal Saturday for us includes the dad hanging out with the boys from around 10:00am-ish, feeding them lunch and putting them down for their nap around 1:30ish. I usually go out and run errands during that time and I come home just after the boys go down for nap. So I normally have a break on Saturday's from around 10:00am to around 3:30 or 4:00pm. It is a very nice break and usually leaves me feeling refreshed and ready to be mom again. So I am missing that today but I am thankful that I at least get a break while the boys are sleeping.

I should really probably be outside mowing the lawn, since the husband probably won't feel like it this weekend. I think I would rather do it early in the morning or late in the evening though, when it is a bit cooler. It is so hot outside right now.

I had to take a break from my writing a few paragraphs ago to come inside and put the boys down for their nap. Our new method of keeping them in their beds is to just sit in their room with them until they fall asleep. My rule is that they have to lay down, put their head down and no talking. We are all getting really good at this now and they like having one of us in there until they fall asleep. They also go to sleep much quicker because they are lying still so it does not take very much of our time, as long as we are not trying to put them down too early. Since they are taking a shorter nap and sometimes waking up a bit earlier, they usually go to sleep pretty quickly around 8:00 or 8:30pm-ish.

One evening it was taking a bit longer than normal for them to fall asleep. I had awakened very early that morning and could not go back to sleep so I was really tired. I kept falling asleep in my chair, then I would wake up again to find them both still awake. I kept thinking to myself, 'what is wrong with this picture??'. I found it quite funny. I seem to fall asleep very quickly and easily when I am sitting in their room, waiting for them to fall asleep. The dad does too though, so I guess it's not just me. It is a very peaceful place to be and we have a comfortable recliner in their room.

OK, enough of this book for today. I know I need to post some pictures soon and I will. I think I have some cute ones on the camera. Maybe next post.

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