Monday, June 30, 2008

June 30, 2008 Part 2

I may be getting ready to try the impossible, but we'll see. I am sooo ready for the boys to go back into their cribs. Even though I actually do enjoy sitting with them and watching them fall asleep twice a day, I would like a little of my extra time back. I think they just were not ready and, for some reason, I thought they needed to be in a bed in order for me to start potty training them. Now I know that it is fine if they stay in cribs while they are being potty trained and we can continue to use pull ups during naps and night times.

While I am on the topic of potty training, Nick went poop in the potty two days in a row just fine. He told us he needed to go and he had no problems with going. I really believe that this child is very capable of peeing and pooping in the potty when he wants to. I am sure there are some times when he gets busy playing and forgets but I have very little remaining doubt that he is quite capable when he wants to. He even asked to be taken to the potty when he was at church, with no accidents whatsoever. Today he has had two poop accidents and one pee accident. I have a feeling it has something to do with my extra vigilance to enforcing time outs for bad behavior. To be fair, I was also trying to get the house cleaned up so they were getting extra negative attention and not enough positive interaction, which I am sure did not help. I was planning to take them to story time at the library this morning but we were running late and then Nick poop his pants just as we were trying to get out the door. Nick was disappointed that we didn't get to go but it was probably a good natural consequence. I was pretty matter of fact about it and was not angry. Ben did not seem to care one way or the other.

Back to the crib thing, they actually do pretty well at night time. Once they are asleep, they sleep through the night with no issues, although Nick often does wake up too early. If he was in his crib, he would just go back to sleep for a bit longer. At nap time, they wake up way too early and I have to take them back to their room and sit with them while they go back to sleep. They woke up from nap too early on Sunday and the dad let them stay up. They were miserable little people for quite a while, especially Nick. They did this again a few minutes ago and I took them back to their room and sat with them again until they fell asleep again. Nick was upset and crying for a few minutes, mostly because he was way too tired.

Moving them to beds too soon was definitely one of the biggest mistakes I have made. I want a do-over. I want them back in their cribs. I think I am going to run the idea up the flag pole and see how well it flies with the boys. It will be interesting to see if they want their cribs back or not. I need to think of a fun way to sell this idea.


Stephen said...

Lea, you're the Mommy. If you don't think they're ready for their big boy beds yet, then so be it. 'Tis a far better thing to just tell them that you don't think they're ready yet and make the switch back. If you ask them what they think and they say "No", what do you think you'll do? My point is, don't give them a choice where one really doesn't (or maybe shouldn't) exist.

Big hugs and kudos to you for trying it out with TWO toddlers!! If you go back to cribs now with a calm explanation of why, perhaps when they go back to their big boy beds it might go better?

Again, I applaud you for trying, and certainly don't fault your desire for a "do-over"!! Our son will be three in Sept as well, and we're not hitting the big boy bed until then. Just like you felt your boys may not have been ready yet... I know mine isn't either.
All in good time, I suppose!!

Good luck with your decision... I'll be praying for you!!

Stephen said...

Sorry, I was logged in as DH...

The above comment belongs to me, Kim.

musicmommy3 said...

Sorry Lea but I have to agree with everything that Kim said in the first paragraph. :)

Oh, and a potty training word of encouragement...
You could definitely be right about N (since you know him and I don't) but I just want to say that sometimes a child will train and then have setbacks. Usually they are short lived...unless they are my children. :)