Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July 1, 2008

So, yesterday I talked about getting to have a do-over on this mistake I made of putting the boys into beds too soon. Unfortunately, I did not see the thoughtful comments that were left until just now. But, fortunately, the boys were very happy with the idea of getting their cribs back. Nick even cried last night because we had not had time to set them up yet (and still haven't).

Now, I realize this does not mean they fully understand the implications of this decision. I may still meet with some resistance, once they do understand the implications. We will see. But, so far, I have approached it with a sense of excitement and the boys were excited about the idea. So, we'll see. I'm not sure when we will have time to set them up. Maybe tomorrow I will have time to do it. My niece is coming to stay a few days with us so she will be a big help.

Today the dad had his check up appointment with the infectious diseases doctor to see how his leg was healing and I decided to go too. Turns out it was all very good news, except for the fact that the dad has to continue taking the IV antibiotics for another two full weeks. That is a bummer for him because it is a bit of a pain, making sure the meds stay refrigerated, remembering to take them out in time before taking them that they warm up enough and then sitting once a day for 30 minutes to allow them to drip in....but then again, on the bright side, at least it is only once a day and he can do it all himself. They are suppose to deliver additional meds to him tomorrow evening.

He is leaving early Thursday morning for Louisville KY to check out and (hopefully) bring home the van that we are (hopefully) purchasing so hopefully the meds will arrive here on time. He will arrive in Louisville around noon-ish their time (I think) and will take a cab to the dealer where he will meet the guy who is selling the van. He will check out the van and then have the dealer check it over. If everything goes well, he is hoping to complete all of the paper work and start out towards home later that day, spend the night somewhere along the way and arrive back home sometime on Friday. He is suppose to take his medication sometime during the afternoon so I am not sure how he is going to fit it all in. I guess he could let it drip as he drives down the highway, as long as he has somewhere to hang it from:). That might look kind of funny and might worry some people though:). I'm sure he will figure it all out. He is a very resourceful person.

We are praying everything will go well in Louisville with this van deal. It is such a good deal that my husband is concerned that maybe the vehicle is a lemon or something. I think we just found a great deal and it will be fine. It is a Toyota after all and it has a transferable 5 year 100 thousand mile warranty so I think our risk here is low, as long as the vehicle is in good condition. I think it will be though because it has such low mileage and is fairly new. It looks good in all of the pictures.

On the potty training front, I am going to take back what I said yesterday about Nick. After seeing how today has gone, I think I have misjudged how much control he actually has. I find it strange though because sometimes he does just great and seems to have a lot of control but other times it seems he does not or maybe he forgets until it is too late, which is probably more the case. He did very well this morning, pooping and peeing on the potty but then had accidents a bit later doing the same two things in his pants. He was excited and running back and forth between windows, watching the riding mowers do the neighbors lawn. They are big mowers and both boys get excited every Tuesday when they come to mow the neighbors lawn. I took the opportunity to go freshen up. Not long after, I saw Nick had wet his pants and soon after realized that was not all he had done in his pants.

So, in retrospect, now that I have watched him more, I think I misjudged and he is still figuring it out. Ben, on the other hand, has never had an accident. He is one of those kind of kids that would make a parent look like an expert in potty training....and I thought he would be the difficult one. I have so much to learn. Overall, I still think Nick is doing very well. I just need to remember that he needs reminders and I can't assume that he will always remember to tell me that he needs to go in time.

My sister tells me that I am paying for my raising:). I may have mentioned this in an earlier post but my grandmother, who recently passed away, used to always tell this story about me when I was potty training. She said that I would play outside until it was too late for me to make it to the bathroom. One of the times I came in with wet pants, my grandmother finally told me that if I did it again, she was going to spank me. She said that I looked up at her with great big tears in my big blue eyes and said "But grandma, I start in time. I just don't get there in time." My mom used to tell my sister and I stories about how my sister, who is 15 months older than I am, used to sneak me into the house and change me so I would not get in trouble for wetting my pants. So I need to remember this and remember that Nick may not always have enough time to tell me or to get there, when he realizes he needs to go.

Well, the boys are waking up from nap so I must go. Another hot day here in Oklahoma.

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MMrussianadoption said...

We are potty training Olivia and she is still in a crib. If she has to go in the middle of the night, she just screams for us. But most of the time, she holds it til morning. I wish I had her bladder control