Wednesday, July 02, 2008

July 2, 2008

And the verdict is......bringing back the cribs was a resounding success! Yay!!

The boys were both very very excited to sleep in their cribs again. Ben was even talking about it this morning and told me he liked having his old bed back. They were both whining about nap time until I reminded them they get to sleep in their cribs and then they were practically jumping up and down.

We did, however, find out last night that they can now both climb out of their cribs without falling and banging their heads on the floor. They showed us not long after we had come back downstairs, after putting them to bed:). Nick has almost learned how to climb back in and is more likely to be the one to climb out. It seems it is much easier to convince them to stay in their cribs than it was in their beds though. For the most part, they are staying in their cribs pretty well.

So, overall, I am very relieved and thankful that this work out and I get a re-do on this one:). They have not asked for their new beds back so I think they must be relieved too.

The dad leaves very early tomorrow morning for KY to get the new minivan. My niece is here for a few days and the boys had a very fun time playing with her today. Also, my friend and her twin girls came over for a play date today and that was fun. The boys played outside this afternoon, after their nap. My niece played with them while I cooked dinner on the outdoor grill.
Dinner was wonderful but I am just now really getting my first bit of downtime for the day and I am very tired. Time to chill out and read some online news.

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hey at least it went well.