Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 19, 2008

Well, we have been at this for a little over a week now (I think) and we're still chugging along. Ben has picked up this potty training business very very well. No issues at all. He tells us when he has to go, he gets there in time and he does all of his business on the potty. He sometimes has false alarms when it comes to #2 and it sometimes takes him one or two visits to the potty before he is ready but he is doing great. He is sometimes a bit too impatient with it when it takes a little longer but I convince him to let me read a book to him and then he is very happy with his success. He even forgets to ask for a prize most of the time, although that could be because the prize box is getting rather empty and the things that are left are not too exciting.

Nick, on the other hand, seems to have regressed a bit...or maybe it is that he has not progressed. He still has one pee pee accident a day and has yet to poop in the potty. Today he almost peed in his pants a second time too and he got upset when I made him go because we were in the middle of reading a book. Generally he has not been telling me when he needs to go but I see his body signs and take him. Sometimes he is OK with this and sometimes he is not OK with it. Sometimes Beb is in the bathroom going and Nick will go too on his own. But if he is playing, going to the potty is just not something he seems to think about.

So I am going to work on some retraining with him. I am going back to the basics of our three day potty training method and I will be keeping him close by my side for a while. The thing about Nick is that he is very smart and he definitely knows how to go to the potty and how to get there in time. I know he knows this because he did pretty well at the beginning of our potty training efforts. I think our problem is that he is such a busy boy and loves playing so much that going to the bathroom to do his business is just not a priority for him.

I need to get out and buy some more interesting prizes, which will probably help a little bit. He was very motivated when the prizes were still exciting. I am hoping that the incentive of having more freedom from mommy might help him too. We'll see.

In other news, the dad is installing the new tile in our master bathroom. He is using a diamond pattern and it looks really nice. He really does a wonderful job. He is trying to finish up all of the cuts today so he can return the wet saw. He plans to wait until next weekend to do the grouting because his knee was red and swollen this morning from over doing it the past few days.

My sister and nephew spent the past two nights with us. The boys love having their aunt Kathy here to play with. She is wonderful with kids and they have tons of fun with her. They were sad to see them leave today.

Naps seem to be getting shorter and shorter (she said, with tears running down her face:). We are currently outside and the boys are pretending to "clean up the pee pee". They are so funny. It's really hot here now. Not sure what the temp is right now but guessing it has to be around 90 degrees or so and it is very humid because we have had tons of rain lately.

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musicmommy3 said...

Hey don't feel badly. I have not even REMOTELY started Gideon on the potty yet. I guess it was all the disasters from the first two (who trained together BTW so I feel your pain). Judah was 6 before he got out of pull ups. Thomas is 5 and he still has 1-2 accidents a day. We have tried everything under the sun (except letting them run naked) but it's never been perfect. I laughed when you were talking about not knowing how long it will be till you can be out in public without worrying. LOL I STILL have to worry. Just bring a couple of changes of clothes and LOTS of babywipes. The great thing about having boys is that you can always pull the car over and hit the side of the road to pee. Gross I know but helpful at times. :)