Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27, 2008 Part 2

After becoming a mom, one of the things I have thought about and appreciated quite often is that each day is a new one, where I get to start over and try again to be the mom that I know God would like for me to be. I am still very thankful for that.

When I went to get the boys from their cribs this morning, they were both asking to go to the mall. Nick also said he would not cry. I reminded him "no fits" and he agreed. We had a very good time at the mall play area and even met a man from Russia who was there with his son. His son was born in the U.S. but currently only speaks Russian. The Russian man spoke English pretty well and we had a nice chat. He and his wife have three kids and they moved here from Russia about 5 years ago. I really enjoyed visiting with him and there were lots of kids for the boys to play with (or around:).

We came back to the house after about two or two and a half hours and the boys wanted to draw and color for a little while and then it was time for lunch. After lunch we played with blocks for a while, then put together one of our large floor puzzles and then they played with their barns, animals, trucks and tractors on top of the floor puzzle, which has a picture of a barnyard on it. Then we played with some small letter puzzles (put 'A' together with 'a', 'B' together with 'b', etc.) for a little while and then it was nap time.

When I was putting the boys down for their nap, I was rubbing Nick's back. He was real sweet and got up to hug and kiss me. I found this quite touching.

I forgot to mention what we did for the Memorial Day weekend. Two of my nieces graduated this weekend. On Friday we drove the 1.5 hours up to where my sister lives. We had a hotel room just across the street from my sister's house, so we would not have to tote the boys around until all hours of the night. The dad stayed with the boys while I went to one graduation (my sister's daughter). She gave a short speech, since she was one of the top scholars. She is also the one who spoke at my grandmother's funeral. She does an amazing job of speaking in front of large groups. After the graduation, my sister stayed with the boys in our hotel room while the dad and I went to my other niece's graduation reception at her house. It was already around 10:00 by the time we got there but the party was in full swing and there were lots of people there to congratulate the graduate.

The next morning, we went back to my brother's house again. He lives on a farm and he has a new baby lamb and baby puppies. The baby lamb was given to him, as it's mom had triplets and only had enough milk to provide for two lambs. They feed it with a bottle and it follows them around. When they go in the house, it will stand outside the screen door and "baaaa baaaa". It is about a month old and it is absolutely adorable, the smallest/youngest one I have ever seen. The boys got to feed it with a bottle and I held it for a while. It loves to be held and pet and it just tucked it's little head up under my chin like a little baby. It was too cute. Our camera was out of batteries but our friends took pictures and said they will send them to us. The puppies were just as cute and the boys enjoyed playing with them too. But their favorite thing by far was to sit on the two tractors and to take a ride on one of them. Yesterday morning, when I went into their room to get them up, the first thing Ben said to me was "mommy, two tractors", as he held up two fingers. They went back and forth between the two tractors, sitting on them and pretending to drive them for quite some time.

The boys were exhausted when we left and slept most of the way home, which was not a long enough nap for them. We put them to bed that night an hour early and they still slept to their normal wake-up time and took a longer nap the next day. Overall, we all had a wonderful time and the boys have been asking when we are going back every day since.

We have a play date scheduled for Friday and we will be going back to the farm around the beginning of June, so we will stay busy and they will be back there before they know it. It is a wonderful environment for little kids to run around all over the place.

We have been having a lot of cloudy days and thunderstorms at night lately. We have been very fortunate that we have not had any close calls with tornadoes, although we have had some hail.  My only complaint about this stormy weather is that it really wreaks havoc on my head. I have these really bad head aches when the weather is like this and then we get a really pretty day and my head feels just fine. I think it has something to do with the changing air pressure and my troublesome sinuses. I used to get these headaches in Houston sometimes when we had stormy weather but they seem to have become more regular since moving to Oklahoma.

Well, I better get some things done while the boys are napping. I hope you are having a good day today:).


MMrussianadoption said...

glad things are looking up in the temper tantrum department. that could be very draining to a mom

Anonymous said...

i totally feel your pain with the headaches during bad weather. i've had migraines for 15 years (started when i was 6, i'm now 21) and i'm a human barometer. when i was younger i'd just get migraines occasionally but now it's every day - i missed my senior year of college this past year to stay at home with my doctors and we've just gotten approval for me to start being treated at johns hopkins, since 6 years of neurology visits, tests, and treatments haven't done much. if they bother you to the point where you have trouble functioning normally, sometimes it helps to take a regular dose of an over-the-counter med just to head it off. that used to work for me, back before it got too bad.

praying for you & your family! (when i hear about tornadoes in your state i say an extra prayer.) have fun with your boys. :-)

Aubrey said...

Hey Aunt Lea!!...Just thought Id drop in..I always love reading your posts..Anyways..THat is so sweet what N said to you..THey are such cuties...Im really glad that you took pictures of them in their coveralls!!..Those are my favorties too, because that is the most distinct thing I remember about Grandpa...I actually saw some more that were bigger @ Atwoods today..I thought about the boys but decided that their birthday isnt that far away!.. =)
Anyways..I took some pictures while you guys were up here too, and I will send them to you in just a minute..I will also try and print them @ walmart tomorrow...They might not be as good as uncle warrens but they're cute...Well I love you bunches...Ill see you on Monday!!