Tuesday, May 27, 2008

May 27, 2008

A couple of funny things to document. Today, at the grocery store, we were checking out and an older couple got into the line behind us. Nick started saying 'wait your turn', 'wait your turn'. He had said it twice before I realized that he was talking to them. Fortunately, they either did not hear him or did not understand him.

Today, when we got back from going to the grocery store, the boys were pretending to shop with their shopping lists. At one point, they were both at the table, writing (scribbling on) their grocery list. I asked them what they were writing on their list and Nick said "a, b, c, d". I guess we forgot to buy those when we were at the grocery store this morning:).

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Lauri said...


I have had those moments... when I have tried just about anything & everything to nip a behavior in the bud.... and from my experience they seem to be attention seeking stunts and they also come & go.... hang in there... your doing great- Great job with the holding time, that always works well for us.