Saturday, May 24, 2008

May 24, 2008

Here are a few pictures I took yesterday of the boys. I was gathering a ton of clothes to give away to our friends who have a 14 month old son and I decided I should take some pics of the boys in these cute overalls, since they are basically too small now and I need to pass them on.

These overalls have a sentimental place in my heart for three reasons:

1. My grandpa used to wear these kind of overalls every day when he was working on his farm. I spent many, many days running around after him, tagging along and following him around during my many visits to the farm to see my grandparents when I was a kid. He always cleaned up real nice when we were going to church or to 'town' for something or another but my fondest memories of him are with him wearing these kind of overalls.

2. My niece gave the boys these overalls and she has a special place in my heart, so that makes them special too.

3. The boys just look to darn cute in them, don't they?

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MMrussianadoption said...

they look adorable in them. there are several things I hate having to give away when my kids outgrow them. and it just reminds you that they are getting so big so fast. Kevin is now wearing 4T!!