Saturday, May 03, 2008

May 3, 2008

We had a very busy week. We went to the park again on Wednesday and had a picnic lunch with friends. Our boys had a fun time playing together and it was a beautiful day. My mom and sister came to visit us on Thursday and it had been a while since we had seen them so it was extra nice to see them this time. Yesterday the boys and I did some grocery shopping at Sam's Club and had lunch there.
A funny thing lately is that the boys now recognize places where we have been with them previously. When we were driving in Kansas City last weekend, Ben saw the Sam's Club sign and immediately pointed and said "Sam's Club!". It was so funny, as he had only seen the sign and not the store. Both boys point and say "Home Depot", when we drive by one of those and they both recognize our bank as we are driving by on the main highway, even if we don't turn in.

This morning after breakfast, the dad took the boys to run some errands. I surprised my husband by mowing the lawn while they were gone. The only thing is that I was trying to hurry to get as much of it mowed as possible before they came back, when I ran out of gas. When I came back to the garage, I saw they were already home. Turns out they had been home for about 10 minutes already. My husband said he was surprised though and he was glad I had mowed. It was the first time I had mowed in quite a while, since my back and legs have been hurting me so bad. They did pretty well today...another sign that the chiropractor is helping.

We went to look at cars today so the boys were very late in going down for their nap. They were so tired and went to sleep very fast. They are still sleeping though and it is almost 5:00. I may have to wake them up before long. I am very tired too. Mowing the lawn made me face how out of shape I am.

So, nothing too exciting going on around here. I have still been spending a lot of time researching the various home schooling curriculum and I am still leaning towards My Father's World. I am going to go back to The Well Trained Mind and compare their recommendations to MFW's curriculum to see where we would need to supplement, as I am pretty sure we would. I am thinking of purchasing MFW's preschool year. It looks cute and I would like to see what their manual that comes with it looks like. I am going to research this further before I do though. Research, research, research....that seems like all I do these days. Thankfully, I enjoy researching:).

I need to post some new pictures. I have been bad about posting pictures lately and I so enjoy looking at other people's pictures of their children on their blogs. So I really need to get with the program.

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