Tuesday, May 06, 2008

May 6, 2008

It is a dreary, cloudy day today in Oklahoma (at least where we are anyway). I don't mind that. We have enough beautiful, sunny days that it is kind of nice to have a rainy day here and there. The bad thing is that these big storms and fronts that move through give me bad sinus headaches. I don't like that part.

So, last night I woke up around 2:00 or 2:30 and could not go back to sleep. Just one of those times that I started thinking about all kinds of stuff, nothing bad, just busy:). It never fails that it is times like these when my self discipline really kicks in and I lay there thinking how I am going to eat so much better the next day and start working out. After thinking about this a while and not getting any sleepier, I got up, retrieved a flashlight and proceeded to move the headset attached to our downstairs TV (where I watch news when the boys are sleeping) and took it upstairs. I had recently traded the larger TV in our upstairs game room with the smaller one in our guest room, because my brother was staying with us and he enjoys watching baseball. So, I traded the TV's back to where they were and then hooked up the headset to the TV in the game room so I could listen to the news while working out on the EFX machine. Yes, I did all of this around 2:30 to 3:00 in the morning. I worked out for about 20 minutes, although I could not use the headset after all because I could not get it to work.

Afterwards I went back to bed and still could not go to sleep. We have been thinking about going to Houston for a wedding and also a visit with friends but were not sure we could since my husband has to give 60 days notice of any vacation days (before they schedule patients. He had already scheduled the week after the wedding off, just by coincidence, but the wedding is on a Saturday so he would need the Friday before the wedding off too so we could drive down. So I was thinking about how we could make this work and was thinking I could drive down with the boys and the husband could fly down after work on Friday. I thought of lots of other stuff too, like how I could go about building a child-size coat rack type of thing on which to hang the boys' dress up clothes. I was quite the busy beaver last night:).

I was still awake when my husband's alarm went off at 4:45am and, after telling him good morning, I told him about my solution for our Houston problem. He said, "oh, I was able to take that Friday off after all because I didn't have any patients scheduled". That's great news but so much for all of my late night problem solving:). Needless to say, I am very tired today.

The boys had a dentist appointment today. My husband called me at 8:30, telling me that their appointment was at 9:30 and we had forgotten about it. The boys and I were getting around very slowly this morning (or I was anyway) and they wanted to eat eggs and toast, which takes a bit longer than oatmeal. So we had just finished eating, I had not cleaned up the mess yet and we were all still in our pajamas. We had to rush around to be ready to leave home in 30 minutes. We made it just in time, thankfully.

This time was completely different from the last dentist appointment the boys had, which was their very first one. We had a different dentist this time and she was really great with kids. We were in a small office, rather than out where all of the dental chairs were, and there were even a couple of toys in there. She had the dad hold each child facing him and then they laid the child back into her lap. She did a great job and the boys both did a really good job too. No tears or anything. It was great. We will make sure we see her the next time we go back. Their teeth were fine. We brush them really good at bedtime and then I let them brush their own teeth in the morning after breakfast. Sometimes I will do a little brushing for them in the mornings, if they did more playing than brushing but I really like to let them try to do it then.

Yesterday evening when the dad got home, he took the boys outside to play. He does a bit of reading while they play and then he also plays with them some. I cooked dinner and took it outside on the patio and we all ate out there. It was such a beautiful evening and the boys had a great time getting to spend so much time outdoors. They were blowing bubbles and using sidewalk chalk, playing in the sandbox and swinging and sliding, pushing around the play lawnmower and their wheelbarrows. They did a little of everything and, just before bedtime, we brought them in and rinsed them off in the tub. They had chalk and soap all over them. I just love seeing little boys get dirty while playing outside. It is just the way it should be:).

Here is another thing I forgot to add to my update yesterday. Both boys are really talking a lot these days and are easier to understand. I think Nick may be just a bit ahead of Ben in picking up new phrases and putting sentences together, but they are so close it is really hard to tell. I love hearing them talk and talking to them though. They still want me to repeat everything they say. Fortunately that comes pretty natural to me. Some day they are going to tell me, "stop repeating everything I say" and then I am going to have a hard time breaking this habit:).

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