Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March 30, 2010

The boys were playing outside while I was fixing lunch. I looked out the window to see Nick, lying down on the sidewalk spread-eagle, and Ben using sidewalk chalk to draw around him. Funny boys.

They are really doing great in their swim lessons. Today they both swam under water a few strokes out to the swim instructor who was waiting to catch them. I was very impressed, especially with Ben. He has come a long way from when we started. Nick is a little fish who spends more time under the water than on top of it these days. Ben is not far behind and wants to keep up with Nick so he pushes himself. Nick tries to keep up with Ben with reading so they are both good at challenging the other in areas where they need more growth. While I am on that subject, just a quick brag. Today Ben picked up one of the little short vowel sound readers I keep laying around and read the whole thing out loud to me. He was so proud of himself and I was pretty impressed with him too. We tend to work on reading in very short, sporadic spurts but they seem to be enjoying it so I think we will keep doing what we are doing for now.

I vacillate so much between getting started with formal lessons now or waiting until they are older. I have been vacillating on this now for a year. I had decided that we would start doing formal lessons when we returned from Arizona but then I broke my foot and was just not up for it. That is not how I wanted to start. Now spring has arrived, it is warm and sunny and beautiful, everything is in bloom and the boys want to be outside a lot. So now I am thinking I will wait until fall:). We can enjoy our summer and the boys can play and play and play. I always seem to come back to the point of, once we start, they will have formal lessons (required sit-down, learning time) for many many years and we might as well enjoy these younger, carefree years while we can:). Now that it is spring, I definitely feel that way.

Today I drove us to swim lessons:). Yay! I put on sandals because my foot is still too sore on top to wear a shoe. When we got there I changed into my boot so I could easily walk around. It worked out very well. My foot does not hurt when I am driving, although it might if I had to slam on the brakes really hard. The dear husband was a bit skeptical of me driving yet so we went for a short test drive to get ice cream yesterday evening. I guess I passed his test because he was OK with me driving today, although we both agreed I need to keep it to a minimum for now.

I do very well with walking in the boot, although it does make my hips and back hurt a bit because my gait is not smooth. The first couple of days in the boot I still used the knee scooter quite a bit because my foot was so sore. Now I am using it less and less. My foot was hurting quite a bit yesterday evening. I think I had over done it a bit and I tend to instinctively want to walk on the inside of my foot a bit, since it is the outside that is injured. When I am in the boot, this actually causes the outside of my foot to hurt more than if I just walk normal so today I have been paying attention and trying hard to walk normal and not try to favor that foot. It seems to be doing a bit better than yesterday, which is promising.

The boys and I are all so happy that spring is here. Today is shorts and bare feet weather, which is awesome. Nick has mastered the scooter pretty well so I took the training wheels off of one of their small bikes. We'll see how long it takes him to master a bike without training wheels. I think if they saw older kids riding their bikes a lot, he would pick it up in no time. I tried to work with him a little this afternoon but I am very limited with the boot. Yesterday I did get out and pitch balls to them. They took turns batting and chasing the balls. Nick kept hitting them over the fence though. He is quite the little sports guy. I need to try to get them into some sort of sports thing for the summer...maybe soccer.

Well, we are having our quiet time now so I am going to do some reading. Hope your weather is as pretty as ours is.

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