Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 1, 2010

The boys have been such big helpers. They help me put clothes in the dryer and then get them out of the dryer and put them into a basket. Then they carry the basket and put it near the couch so I can fold the clothes. Then they put their clothes away for me. And they do a very good job.

I am constantly asking them to run little errands for me: Take this to the trash please, please go get ......... for me, please put this over there for me, please pick that up and hand it to me, etc.

They are always helping and they do very little complaining. Sweet boys.

And, of course, the dear husband is doing so much around the house these days. I would be lost without him. He is doing all of the grocery shopping, cleans up the dishes after dinner, loads the dishwasher, runs it and puts the dishes away the next morning. That is a big thing because it would take me forever to put all of the dishes away each day and I am finding the more time I can spend sitting, the better my leg and foot feels.

Today I am feeling a bit better, although my cast is feeling very tight this morning so my foot may be a bit swollen. Pretty normal, I'm sure.

The boys slept in today until almost 7:30!! Yeah! I knew the new curtain liners would do the trick.

Ben came down during the night and had soaked through his pullup. The dear husband got up with him and took care of everything. He went to the health club to swim this morning and then came back and worked here until the boys woke up so he could change Ben's bedding.

The first day when we came back from vacation I went upstairs with my crutches to help put the boys to bed. I have not been back up there since then. It is just too hard to do it on a regular basis. We moved all of our bedtime activities downstairs. So we help the boys get their PJ's on and then brush teeth downstairs and then the dear husband takes them upstairs, reads stories, reads the Bible and tucks them in.

This morning I was reading Charlotte's Web to the boys. They are very into this story right now and they like to pretend parts of the story. It is funny to listen to them say the lines. They have incredible memories.

They are in the library playing right now. I just heard Nick say something about Templeton and Ben is pretending to be Avery, wanting to kill Charlotte the spider. They just threw a play egg on the floor and made it break open and then they both ran away holding their nose. Ben just came through the living room, where I am sitting, and told me to say "be careful with your shoes Fern". They are always telling me what my lines are. They are so funny.

I'm going to read some news now. Hope you have a great day.

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