Sunday, March 07, 2010

March 7, 2010

Vacation pics are coming next!

We received a call from the urgent care in Arizona today. The radiologist looked at the XRays and was not sure there was a break. This is interesting as we stopped by a doc friend's office on our way home from the airport to go over the films with him. It was also the first time the husband had a chance to really look at them carefully also. Our doc friend is in family medicine with a specialty in sports medicine. After looking at the films, he and the husband both thought there were two breaks in the calcaneus bone. The urgent care doc thought there was one break in the talus bone. One of the breaks they all thought they saw seemed to be an avulsion fracture, where a tendon or ligament pulled off a piece of the bone, about as big around as my pinkie finger, and would possibly require surgery.

So now we have anywhere from no break to two breaks, with at least one requiring surgery. That is quite a range. I am so ready to see a specialist and find out what the diagnosis is. We are hoping to get in tomorrow afternoon but we do not currently have an appointment so we'll see. The husband is going to try to call first thing in the morning and see if they can fit us in.

I am so hopeful that there is no break and it will be quick to heal. I really think it is feeling much better. The first few days, if I moved my toes back it was extremely painful. Now it is uncomfortable but not as painful. I have always been able to curl my toes under without pain. My ankle seems to be fine, as far as I can tell. I am so tempted to try a little weight on it just to see if it is painful but the husband says not to until we see the doctor. Probably wise advice, since it could still have a serious break, although I tend to side with the radiologist since he is trained to read the XRays. I have new hope today. Time will tell.

The boys are having fun with the knee scooter. I am sore from using it so much yesterday. I am taking it a bit easier today.

Here is The Foot, all wrapped up.
And here are some pics of The Foot, in all of it's glory. Wednesday will be one week since I fell down the stairs.

You can click on the pics to see them full size.


Maya said...

When I sprained my ankle two years ago, my foot looked exactly like yours - extremely swollen with lots of bleeding under the skin. But I had no breaks.

My doctor recommended that I apply ice packs to the foot (but don't put it directly on the skin or you can get a frostbite) and keep my foot elevated. It helped a lot with reducing the swelling.

Also, give your foot complete rest. It will heal faster. It took me 2 months until I was able to walk normal again. Good luck with recovery!

Lea said...

Thanks Maya. I sprained this same ankle very badly a number of years ago also. It actually looked much worse last time than it does now. Last time the swelling went all the way up my leg and my toes were swollen really big also. Of course I had to work back then so I could not really keep it up and iced so that did not help.

I am trying to take it easy today and I have been icing it. I need to do that again now. Hopefully it is a sprain, although I have heard that sprains are actually worse than breaks in the long run. Still, I think I would rather have a sprain. Thanks for your comment and feedback.

christine said...

lea. what a bummer. i hope that you are back to your normal self in a few weeks. i also do hope you can make your trip to the homeschooling conference. sounds like it would be a wonderful experience for you. take care.

kate said...


You've waited WAY too long. Get in there and get that ankle SEEN!

I broke my ankle when I was in the UK. Socialized medicine had me "come back in a week if it's not better" so many times that by the time the DID x-ray it (had to go to an ER) it was to late to do anything about it--and I just had to let it continue to heal unset.

Go. GO!

kate said...

Arnica ointment will help reduce swelling and bruising.