Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13, 2010

Today will be a long day for the me and the boys. The dear husband is working a 12 hour shift, from 8am to 8pm, which means I will be putting the boys to bed for the first time since I broke my foot. The boys are being very helpful though. They carry my crutches up the stairs for me while I crawl up.

We are showing the house this afternoon so they went upstairs and made their beds and cleaned up and then I crawled up to check everything out and open the blinds. It makes me so thankful for the knee scooter because I can do so much less when I am only on crutches. Upstairs I am only on crutches so it is a good reminder of how good I have it downstairs:). Ben did a very good job of making his bed. Nick had to do his over because it was obvious he had not really tried. He did a pretty good job the second time, with some coaching from me.

Yesterday a good friend came to pick us up and took us to McDonald's. She has two sons so all the boys played in the playland together and we had lunch. It was nice to get out for a while. We all enjoyed it.

The thing I have realized though is that it is so much easier to get around with the knee scooter, I have so much more freedom and speed and I can do so much more, that it I feel very very limited when I am on crutches and I look forward to getting back to my knee scooter again. It can be taken outside also but we didn't take it yesterday because it didn't make much sense. If I was going to go shopping or something like that, then I would take it. My left leg gets so tired so much sooner when on crutches and I don't have any free hands for holding little hands while crossing parking lots or carry anything.

One week down, two to go, before we go back for the next doc appointment. So far, I can't tell any difference at all. Actually, it has been hurting me more yesterday evening and this morning than it had since I had the cast put on. I think it was because the swelling was down and the cast was too loose. Since I was up working all morning, getting the house ready for showing it, it is now feeling a bit better and the cast is a bit more snug. Must have swelled up a bit.

Being called by the boys. Must go for now. Still need to post vacation pics.

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