Saturday, March 06, 2010

March 6, 2010

Today, the dear husband and I (and the boys) went to a local pharmacy type place and rented a knee scooter.  It is wonderful! I was in such a great mood after we brought it home because I can do so much more with it and can move around so much easier. There is just no comparison.

We had to get the house ready to show this afternoon so I was really able to put the scooter to the test. It performed wonderfully and I was able to do a lot. However, I have realized that if I over do it, my knee starts getting sore. So, I have to take it a bit easier but I am still very excited to have this new freedom. I was so very limited when using just crutches. This is a huge difference and when one is trying to keep up with two four-year-olds it is the difference between...OK, I can't think of anything to put in here but you know what I mean:).

I am not sure how this broken foot thing is going to impact my trip to Ohio. I hope and pray I will still be able to go. It is all paid for and I was so looking forward to it so hopefully we can figure out a way. Maybe I will be in a walking cast by then.

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kate said...

Thankful for the scooter but SO SORRY about your foot! Ouch.