Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March 24, 2010 Part 2

No surgery needed at this time. I'm in a boot and can start walking on it now. Yay!!

I have to wear the boot for three more weeks so no driving for a while. If the small piece of bone starts to cause pain they will take it out then but, if not, it can stay and they think it will be OK.

So, all good news after all today. This is such an answer to prayer. When we left the doctor's office this morning, we really thought I would be having surgery on Friday and the only question was would they try to screw the bone back in place or remove it. So we were quite surprised, relieved and happy when they said it would OK as is, I could stay in a boot AND I could start walking on it.

Thank you for your prayers! Thank you Lord!

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kate said...

Hooray! What good news.