Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March 9, 2010 Part 2

This morning we had to wake the boys early to make it to my doctor's appointment on time. I was in my bathroom, putting on makeup when Nick and Ben came running in to say good morning, still looking very sleepy. Nick laid down on the warm tile floor and told me "Mommy, daddy broke my good night sleep and now I am grumpy". He was not too happy about being awakened early but I got a laugh out of his choice of words to describe his broken sleep. And he got over his grumpiness very quickly, thankfully.

The funny thing is that, later in the day, I interrupted him and he told me that I accidentally interrupted him while he was talking (and I apologized). But he used the word "interrupted" when he told me. So he knows that word but didn't know it could also be used when talking about sleep.

I love how they come up with words that work to explain what they mean, even though they might not know the traditional word we would normally use.

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kate said...

I love it! And I'm glad you had good-ish news from the doctor. Heal!