Monday, September 17, 2007

September 17, 2007

I promised to post some pics a number of posts ago so here they are.

The boys like to gather up a few books, climb up into chairs at the table and sit and look at their books. It is very cute to watch. They talk ALL the time now and their vocabulary is huge, although they are still not using two words together, other than a few things like "big bear" or "nite nite" that they learned more as one word in the beginning. I did get Nick to say "night night Nick" into the mirror last night, so maybe we are close. Normally when I ask them to repeat something I say using two words, they only say the second word. One of their favorite words now is "another". Ben especially uses this word all the time, pointing to a tree in a book, saying "tree" and then pointing to every other tree in the book and saying "another, another, etc.". He does this over and over again about everything, including pointing to birds when we are sitting at a stop light. It still takes a mom to understand much of what they are saying, although their speech is getting clearer every day.

The other thing that Ben especially seems to have figured out is the power of saying words in just the right way when requesting something to touch the heart of the person of whom it is requested. Yesterday we were all outside and enjoying the cool evening weather. We had eaten outside and the boys were playing in their sandbox and with their other outdoor toys, when Ben decided he wanted to go to the backyard and play on the swingset. My husband and I were sitting at the table on the patio, enjoying the peaceful evening while he was reading and I was writing a summary of all of the information I have been collecting for the lifebooks. So I told Ben to stay with us in the sideyard and play with his toys / sandbox there and that we were not going into the backyard right now, unless daddy wants to go with you. They can't go by themselves yet because they are not quite steady enough on the slide and could easily fall and they really wanted to swing and cannot do that alone yet. Ben had been standing there, pointing towards the backyard and saying "peeeze" in the sweetest little pleading voice. So when I said "unless daddy wants to go with you", he promptly said "daaaaady" in the same sweet little pleading voice and daddy couldn't resist it. If he had said mommy in that same voice, I couldn't have resisted it either:). But I enjoyed my quiet time while they were in the backyard.

These last two pictures, you can see the posters I mentioned (in a prior post) that I had bought at the Christian book store. The boys enjoy looking at them, pointing to the various shapes, colors and the alphabet and trying to state what each of them are. I think Ben is probably a visual leaner because he seems to pick this stuff up pretty quickly. Nick may be more of a hands on learner but I'm not quite sure yet.

Nick's clothes were in the dryer because this was the day the boys played outside in the pouring rain.

Yesterday I ordered a book determining learning styles (and teaching styles) and it also covers how to use this information to help select the best homeschooling approach. I am still reading "The Well Trained Mind" also.


Tonya said...

Looks like you guys are doing GREAT!!!!!! My goodness, those boys look fantasticly adorable!

If you read "To Train Up a Child", you may want to read some of the Pearl's website too. Some people find the book harsh-ish in all it's training techniques (and boy do I get and earfull for liking them:):):)). You get a much better idea of where they are coming from if you have read other things by them. I've got "The Well trained Mind" too. It's pretty good. I got to hear SWB speak at the Homeschool conference 2 years ago. Good stuff.

MMrussianadoption said...

they are so precious Lea. I wish my kids could sit for more than half a minute doing something. They like to constantly move about.