Friday, September 21, 2007

September 21, 2007

We changed our hair cutting approach. We had been cutting hair upstairs, sitting a child on the bathroom counter, and it wasn't ideal, to say the least. Here is our new approach. The boys are watching a DVD:). Yes, we are breaking our no-TV rule for the sake of happy hair least for now. We are going to have to invest in a couple of DVD's which will be saved especially for hair cutting purposes, as they were watching the Potty Time DVD this time, over and over again. I want to save that DVD for when we are ready to potty train but it sure did the trick for this hair cutting event.

This is also the typical face we see when a DVD is turned on at our house (when we are sick or when we traveled to Kansas City and Oklahoma City)...mouths dropped open and a continuous stare at the TV. It's a scary thing.

This picture is Ben, ready for his hair cut. This little guy has a LOT of hair so it takes a bit longer to cut his hair and he gets a bit impatient with us by the time we are finished...even with the DVD, although it was not nearly as bad as when we were doing it in the bathroom without any entertainment.

And here is Nick, ready for his hair cut. His hair is still coming in and getting thicker every day, but it is still fairly thin so his hair cut does not take very long. He was really looking forward to getting in the chair with the cape though. It was funny. We may need to consider doing his hair first next time, since he is so into it. He thought it was great fun to kick up the cape, while daddy was trying to take his picture. I'm not sure what he was looking at though.

The following two pictures are from the high school football game we went to last weekend. My niece, Jana, was the senior attendant at the coronation. This first picture is Jana with Ben. That's me (with the curly hair and jean jacket) and my brother-in-law (with the red shirt with blue and white stripes and the baseball cap) in the background.

And this picture is Jana with Nick. Looks like he was told to show his "happy face" for this picture.

Don't I have a pretty niece? Actually, I have several of them but Jana looked extra pretty on this night, all dressed up for the coronation....and the really great thing is that she is as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside.

Here are the boys, sporting their new sneakers. They have worn sandals for so long, I don't think they remember what it was like to wear real shoes and these are actually their first pair of sneakers. So they have been very excited about their new sneakers. They love running around in them on the hardwood floors and stomping and jumping in them. The other day when we were getting ready to go shopping, when Nick saw that I had gotten their sandals out, he asked to wear his sneakers instead. Ben is always the first to ask to take them off when we get back home. He is very hot natured.

Here is Nick on his tricycle. They love their trikes but they have not figured out how to pedal yet.

And here is Ben on his tricycle. They are learning to get on and off and still need some help. These things turn over too easily.

This is what they spend most of their time doing. It's pretty funny to watch. They steer them all over the driveway and try to push them up onto the grass and even into those two big evergreens.

We had some really nice, cool weather last weekend and on Monday. It was so refreshing. We are back into summer this week but I have a feeling it is not for long. I am so excited to see the fall! I am still new to the seasons and I love switching from one to the next. It is even more special now, since I also get to see the seasons through the eyes of my precious sons.

Aren't they just too cute?!!

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Anonymous said...

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Sue B