Monday, September 17, 2007

September 17, 2007 Part 2

Yes, I know I am posting like crazy lately. I'm making up for lost time:).

So, the latest thing the boys can do is reach and turn the upper lock on the door that leads to the garage. Although they have not figured this out yet, this also means they can reach and turn the upper lock on the front door. The door that goes outside from the kitchen and the one that goes to the side yard are both too hard to open (they stick) so we are safe there. But, I will be going to Wally World today to buy the big plastic door knob covers for all outside doors, just to be on the safe side. I really dislike those things but they are now necessary. I am teaching them not to play with the doors but I can't trust them 100% yet and it's just to risky for now.

The other thing that seems to be happening now is that the boys seem to be ready to move their nap time out a bit. Since they went from one nap to two, they have been having nap time from 11:00am to 1:00 or 2:00pm, depending on how tired they are. I had tried to move their nap time out once before but gave up when it became apparent that they were not ready for it.

Lately, they have been spending too much time playing in their cribs (they really have a great time!) before falling asleep. So today, they were playing so nicely that I just let them keep playing until they started showing signs of tiredness/crankiness. This happened around 11:45 so I put them down for their nap and they were out very quickly, with very little playing. I'm going to have to start watching them more closely and following their lead for when they need their nap, instead of following my schedule so strictly. I am such a creature of habit kind of person. I like my daily routines and it takes me a while to get used to a new one.

I found this morning to be very interesting. Ben had to stand in the corner several times during and just after breakfast for bad behavior. He can be very stubborn and it tends to take him a bit longer to figure out that certain behaviors will not be tolerated. Nick had to stand in the corner twice. Some of this was because I had become a bit lax on temper tantrums lately and decided we needed to take corrective action today. After this corner time, I sat and read to them for quite a while, which was very nice. They were very into this today. Ben is always into it but Nick is finally starting to let me read to him sometimes. He sat in my lap and wanted me to read four books in a row this morning, which is a shocker for him. He normally prefers to hold the book himself, turn the pages in whatever direction he wants and may turn several at a time, and look at the pictures while pointing to them and either saying what it is or wanting to know the word for it. The good thing is that, even though we haven't read to him as much, his vocabulary is still really good because he likes to identify the pictures. The other thing that was so nice this morning was that they played so well together, after I had spent some time reading to them.

They are really starting to play together so much more now. When they sit in their car seats, they are always handing things back and forth, holding hands and then pulling as hard as they can on each other, talking to each other in their own little language, pointing to pictures in a book and telling each other what they see, etc. They have so much fun and make each other laugh so much that it cracks me up. They used to be so quiet when they were in their car seats. I think those days are over.

I would say that Nick and Ben both have about the same number of words in their vocabulary. When one of them learns a new word, it doesn't take long for the other one to learn it too. They have at least one word that they use between them, when talking to each other, that I can't figure out. They both clearly know what it is and what it means but I can't quite figure it out, which is kind of funny. It is amazing to watch their communication skills explode like this. I know it is normal and this is a normal age for this sort of thing but, since they are my only children, it is the first time I am seeing it first hand and I am constantly amazed at how quickly they learn and how much they want to learn. I was explaining the word "animal" to them today and they both sat quietly and listened to my explanation and then they tried to say the word. It is so fun to watch them learn and to help them. By the time the morning was almost over and it was time for their nap, I was thinking "man, I sure have talked a lot this morning!". They are really into talking ALL THE TIME now and I really love it. One of the things I love about it is that I really get to start seeing more of their personalities emerge, as they talk more and they are just too cute! They both have a great sense of humor.

One funny thing that happened yesterday was that the boys wanted to go outside but it was time for their snack. So I suggested we take their snack outside and eat at the table on the patio and they really liked that idea. But then I realized that it was closer to dinner time and I really needed to fix something more substantial or they would be hungry at bedtime. So it took me longer to fix them something to eat than I had anticipated. So, thinking they would forget what I had said about eating outside, since they normally don't remember things like that for very long and can be easily distracted, I started to put them at the kitchen table to eat. Nick got upset and ran to the door. He clearly had not forgotten, so that was a new one for me. I will have to watch what I say from now on because it won't be as easy to distract them and change plans. Needless to say, mommy kept her word and they ate outside on the patio.

They are spending more time on one activity and they are starting to pretend more, which is very cute. I would so like to get them a bunch of dress up clothes, like for a firefighter, a police officer, a cowboy and a doctor, for instance, but I was looking at what Toys-R-US had the other day and the outfits were about $20 each. I was shocked! I may have to get creative on this one, although that may be a challenge since I don't sew. If anyone has some ideas, please let me know.

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