Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September 25, 2007

I have been meaning to post more pictures for a while so here they are in one big post.

I have started putting the boys on the bar stools at the island for their breakfast and snacks. It is really working out very nicely because I can visit with them while I do dishes and clean up. I think they enjoy it and they feel closer to me while I work. When they were sitting at the kitchen table, they would pat the chair next to them and tell me "chair" or "sit" because they wanted me to sit down next to them while they ate. They are not doing that now, so it works out nicely that I can be near them and still get a few things done, while also still talking to them and singing to them while they eat.

My sweet husband brought me these flowers a few days ago. He is a very thoughtful man:). The boys point to them and say "flower" and then point outside and say "tree", over and over again:). These flowers smell wonderful!

The boys were looking so cute on this day that I just had to take a picture of them. I know I'm a bit biased but, aren't they cute?? Ben has started this thing about smiling so much that he squints his eyes almost shut. It's pretty funny. They didn't really want me to take their picture and were not real happy about having to stand still for this, so they did pretty well considering.

Both boys try to open the fridge on a regular basis but, fortunately for us, they are not able to yet:). We have not had to deal with that one yet but they really like to get their little hands in there and play with whatever they can reach when they can sneak by us.

Here is one of the few pictures we have of me with the boys. My husband took this one recently. I am usually the picture taker so we have a ton of pictures of the boys and quite a few with them with my husband, but not so many with me. I don't really like pictures of myself that much though, so I am OK with that:).

The boys are waking up from their nap so I will have to post the rest of the pics later. They took a late nap today because we went to the mall this morning.

More pics to come soon.

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