Sunday, September 16, 2007

September 16, 2007

Sorry I have not posted for a few days. We have just been out and about, doing life. We had a memorable event to attend on Friday evening. My niece, Jana (the one who stayed with us for 10 days when I was recovering from pneumonia), was the senior attendant at her high school coronation. So the boys went to their first ever high school football game the other night.

Actually, this was the first time they were in a large crowd, and a noisy large crowd at that! It was also the first time they saw and heard a live band. And, from what I can remember, it was the first time they were out that far past their bed time (yes, we need to get out more:).

They were in total awe of everything, with big round eyes and mouths hanging open. But they did not seem at all scared, just very interested, and they seemed to have a good time. It was an hour and a half drive each way and we actually only stayed through the coronation and the very beginning of the game. By then, it was already 8:00pm and we still had the 1.5 hour return drive, plus my husband and I had not eaten dinner and were very hungry so we headed for a drive thru and then headed home. The boys fell asleep very quickly and slept the entire way home. When we got home, we brought them in, changed their diapers and put them to bed in the shirts they were wearing and they went right back to sleep.

They are still such good little sleepers. I really think that having them both in the same room helps them to sleep better, most of the time. If one wakes up, they can look over and see the other one and I think it gives them a sense of security and helps them feel that everything is right with their little world and they can go back to sleep. This is my theory, although I also realize that God probably thought I could not handle sleep issues so He is giving me a big break.

Nick has had some eating issues of late, although we are hoping he is getting better. On Friday, he started crying when he ate and complaining of pain in his mouth. He would start crying with a mouth full of food and quickly become choked, which really scared him (and me), and that would make him cry more. After this happened twice, I told him not to cry or he would get choked and he understood and became much more careful about it after that. (They are both understanding an amazing amount now days.) He hardly ate anything all day Friday and Saturday and I was really worried about him. He is already a skinny little boy, at only 25% on the weight chart, in comparison to his peers. My husband and I both looked in his mouth several times, trying to see what was hurting him but we could not see anything. We were prepared to take him to a dentist tomorrow but he seems to be much better today. He ate a lot for breakfast and lunch and he only complained once at lunch but kept eating (after getting a bit upset and pushing everything away from him). We are still planning to get both boys into the dentist soon though. They have enough teeth that they should really go anyway. But I'm relieved to see that he is eating again.

We all went to church today, yay!! We are all healthy for a change, yay!! I am praying that the boys did not catch anything at church today. We actually stopped and washed their hands as we were leaving church today. This may help a little but I tend to think that they had probably already put their little fingers in their mouths some before we got to them....but you never know.

I went shopping for toys yesterday, since we have two birthdays coming up soon. Ben will be two at the end of this month and Nick will be two six weeks later. It was fun shopping but it is not easy to find the really good, educational toys. I bought several toys by Melissa & Doug. They make some really good educational wooden type toys that are really nice. I still need to buy a couple more toys for Nick's birthday and, when I do, I am going to go ahead and buy their Christmas toys at the same time so I won't have to deal with the Christmas crowds as much.

I also went to a very large used bookstore yesterday, looking for books on learning styles and homeschooling. The used bookstore didn't have anything I was looking for but I did buy 4 or 5 books for the boys at really good prices. They have a lot of $1 and $2 kids books, which is great.

I'm sure there is lots more that we did since I last posted but I can't remember any of it:). I'm not sure if this is due to aging or two toddler boys...maybe both.

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