Friday, November 21, 2008

November 21, 2008

This is the simple expression the boys used for this situation. My response was a prayer to God, thanking Him for His protection. Both boys were in this jeep. Ben was driving and he drove it up on the little hill next to the driveway which is actually our neighbors yard. I have watched them do this in the past, over and over and over again, without any issues. I was not watching this time when this happened (I had my back to the window and I was breaking the crayons into smaller pieces:) so I am not quite sure how they ended up turning over backwards, end over end.

I am really kind of glad I didn't see it because I know I would have freaked out. They both came running into the house and Nick was kind of whining/crying. I had not seen the car so I didn't know what had happened. The last time I had looked outside, they were taking turns lying on the driveway, while the other one drove in circles around the one lying down. Ben had actually tried running over Nick but the dad had stopped that activity pretty quickly, while they were both still laughing and thinking it was fun sport.

Anyway, it wasn't until I noticed that Ben was only wearing one sock/shoe and his other foot was bare that I realized something was really amiss (it was 27 degrees outside!). I asked "what happened to your other shoe?" and he said "it in the car". I looked up and saw the car upside down on the driveway and was shocked that they were not hurt. Nick was whining/crying because he was scared but he stopped as soon as they were in the house.

Indeed, the shoe was stuck inside the car where the feet go, with the sock still in it. It is a miracle they were not hurt. I am convince it was only because of God's protection.

For those of you who are wondering why our two boys are driving around in a pink and white Barbie jeep, a friend of ours gave it to us. Also, the boys are still in that gender-neutral mode so they have not noticed that it is a girlie jeep. They like driving so much, I'm not so sure it would matter even if they did know it was girlie, although they might want to hide it when they had friends over:).

Bonus picture, since it was on the camera. Nick: "I go to work." Me: "OK, have a nice day honey."

In other news, I had the day off yesterday:). The dad took care of the boys all day and let me have a day to relax, run errands and just enjoy myself. I took a very long, hot shower, did a little shopping (very little), spent some time relaxing and also spent some time at my favorite used book store, searching through the books for the good ones. I enjoy doing this and have found some great deals. Yesterday I found some great books about insects, butterflies, frogs, fish, etc. that are a bit above the boys' level. They love them. We have to do some summarizing and skip some sentences here and there for now but they have wonderful pictures and the boys really like them. They were $1 each and I just had to pay the tax:). I need to take in more books for trade though because I used up all of my trade money yesterday.

When the boys are a little older and a bit more reliable about being nice to books, I'm sure we will be getting the majority of our books from the library. But, for now, having this as a resource has been such a blessing.

We are having a beautiful, sunny, cold fall day here today. I am glad it is finally getting cold. It doesn't seem like Thanksgiving time when it is not cold. Hope you are having a beautiful fall day as well!


Jana H said...

It sounds like God was watching over your two little angels. I love the bonus picture. Little N is so cute. I can imagine him saying that. Oh, and I'll see you tonight.

Tonya said...

It's probably a good thing you didn't see the wreck. They would have been more traumatized by a "mommy reaction" than they were with the wreck! :). As a mother of boys, you learn to wince, take a deep breath and react calmly. Thank God they are okay. I have found that little children are made of rubber. Mine have had the most horrific accidents. They cry a little and then they are back at it again. We haven't had any broken bones or even lost any teeth from accidents yet, although one of Silas's turned gray for a month. The dentist told us to watch it and it turned white again a few weeks later.