Tuesday, November 18, 2008

November 18, 2008 Part 2

....as promised.

Nick asking Ben what he wants for Christmas. They were at the mall with the dad the other day and Nick sat on Santa's lap for the first time ever. Ben was scared so he watched, although I assured him that lots of little kids are scared of Santa.

They dressed up as cowboys for Halloween. I ended up eating most of their candy:).


Suzanne said...

cute pics!

Jana H said...

Beautiful, beautiful boys.

Aubrey said...

Awe!!.they really are so precious!!!!! =)
I just wanted to tell you, my women's choir concert is Friday night here @ ORU in the music building @ 7:30..I put it on your calendar sometime back, but not the time. I completely understand if you can't make it, but I would love to see you, P, and the boys!!...If u do want to come, I can send u the directions to the building...I love you so much!!!! =)