Sunday, November 23, 2008

November 23, 2008

For the first time ever, other than for church directories, we had professional pics taken yesterday evening. Here are the results:

We had a terribly difficult time getting a good picture of the whole family. This was the best we were able to do, after many tries.

They told us to pose like this and it was kind of funny because this was the same pose we had for our engagement picture, which was the first professional picture we had taken together.

I really like this one of my three guys:).

They were not suppose to include the one below but they accidentally did. We bought this grouping of pictures except we had a family photo as the large one on top.

And now for some Christmas pictures of the boys:


Aubrey said...

I think that you have THE most HANDSOME, ADORABLE, CUTEST little boys EVER!!!!!!!!!!! =)
They are absolutly precious and I love them!!!!

ChandraJoy said...

Those are really good! Where did you get them done? That is the good thing about them being so close in age! It will be a while before I will pictures of both girls looking at the camera at the same time!!!

Lea said...

We had them done at Sears and they did such a great job of managing the boys and getting them to laugh. I was very impressed with them.

Jamie said...

What great pictures! That's not a bad family picture - you should see the one we got done for Christmas. I was disappointed. I love the pictures of the boys with you and Paul separately, but all were good.

Lauri said...

Very cute, love the sleigh one the most

MMrussianadoption said...

love the pics.