Monday, November 17, 2008

November 17, 2008

Little Nick is always walking around singing a song. This child loves to sing. One of the songs on the car CD player that we often hear goes "Behold! Behold! I stand at the door and knock, knock, knock".

I had a real good laugh yesterday when I overheard Nick, as he was playing nearby. He was singing "Hee Ho! Hee Ho! (humming) knock, knock, knock".

Another funny thing that happened yesterday is that I accidentally pushed the panic button on my key faub thingy, just as the boys were getting into the van, while it was still sitting in the garage. I had my hands full as I was trying to lock the door to the house and also open the side doors on the van for the boys and I was not looking at which button I was pushing. It startled us all and I quickly turned it off, as the boys stood there looking at me with these huge eyes. I was laughing because it really was a funny moment but it took them a couple of minutes, with me explaining what happened and apologizing, before they saw the humor of it and laughed with me. Later in the day we were again preparing to leave the house and Ben said to me "no honk at me mommy". It took me a second to realize what he was referring to and then we both had a good laugh.

And, last but certainly not least, was an incident that happened the other day, about which I was not a happy camper at the time. It took me a few minutes after the clean up before I was able to laugh about it. The boys had been playing with playdough and we were getting ready to eat so I sent Nick off to wash his hands because he had it all over him. The boys are not quite trustworthy in the bathroom yet, but we are working on it, so I normally wait a little while before I head in to make sure they have not done anything they shouldn't and to clean up the mess they have inevitably made. I heard Ben head that way, saying he needed to go to the bathroom, so I headed that way a couple of minutes later.

I had quite a surprise when I walked into the bathroom. Ben had indeed gone to the potty and was now bottomless, wearing only his shirt. He and Nick were both standing on the little stool at the sink and they were playing in the water. Nick had pulled up the stopper to the sink and was running water into the sink, which was full and overflowing. The water was running all over the counter top and onto the floor all around the cabinet, which is one of those cabinets that is made to look like a piece of furniture so the water was streaming down to the floor from all sides.

I have never liked the sink in that bathroom. It is one of those little, bitty tiny ones and the prior owners probably had to pay extra for this fashionable tiny round sink but it is really too small and the boys always make a mess when they wash their hands in that sink. Because it is so small, it also fills up way too fast, which was not something that had crossed my mind before:).

I am way behind on posting pictures. I loaded up pics from my camera today but am very tired this evening. Hopefully I can put some up tomorrow. The dad is in Puerto Rico, left last Friday and will return home on Wednesday, so I have been quite busy the past few days. Also, I never sleep well when he is gone so I am a bit sleep deprived too.

Now, off to bed with me. Good night.

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Jana H said...

Oh, Lea, you could almost write a book about all the funny things the boys have done. I don't know if you've heard, but Aubrey has a concert Friday night that I think I'm going to go with Kelly and Mama to see. I don't know if we'd be able to stop by for a second or not, but I'll guess we'll see. I hope everything is going good. Sounds like the boys are just as cute as ever, and I will pray that this last night is a good one before the dad comes home. Well, I'll talk to you later.