Sunday, November 09, 2008

November 9, 2008

Today I noticed that the price of gasoline here is now $1.78. Isn't this amazing?

Makes me kind of wish I had a long trip to take somewhere. My husband is going to Puerto Rico soon. We had initially planned to go with him but decided not to when gas prices sky rocketed and our grocery bill went up along with it...ever conscious of the budget we are:).

Needless to say, I am bummed because I have never been there before and would have enjoyed going. Maybe I need to take the boys on a trip while he is gone:). The bright side is that he is off work this coming week, as we had planned to take some vacation time together in Puerto Rico before his conference began.

We will be celebrating Nick's birthday this week. He will be turning three years old and he is as cute as the dickens:). Nick is quite the strong willed child and often has me scratching my head as to how to keep him in line. Nonetheless, every time we drop him off or pick him up at his Sunday School class, we always receive rave reviews on how wonderfully behaved both our sons are and what a delight they are to have in class. It warms my heart, although I sometimes wonder if we are talking about the same children:). I guess it means we must be doing something right, although all the credit must go to God because I am constantly praying that he will smooth over and correct all of the many mistakes I make every day.

I'm not sure if I mentioned that we joined a new church that is closer to our house. The pastor teaches precept upon precept and it is absolutely wonderful. I learn so much. I love the Wednesday night meeting because it is a much smaller group and we all sit around large tables in the fellowship hall while he teaches in the front of the room. He really knows his Bible and can explain the Hebrew and Greek meaning of words and he has such a friendly, warm way about him. Additionally, everyone we have met at this church is also very friendly and warm and we really like the Sunday class we have joined. We already knew three different couples who have also recently joined, which is wonderful too. We switched churches just when the boys would have had to move up to a new class at the old church, so it turned out to be good timing. They really like this church and have never cried when we left them. They just missed the cut off for the children's choir so we will wait a year for that but I think they will really enjoy it when the time comes. I have also joined a ladies Bible study class on Monday mornings. They provide child care and the boys really enjoy going too. The dad will be playing a part in the Christmas play they will be putting on soon and he is enjoying the practices. It has definitely been a blessing to our entire family and since it is so much closer to our house, we can participate more often, more easily.

We have some fun stuff coming up. Nick's birthday next week and then having fun with the dad while he is off work and then we have a play date scheduled this week and another one the week after and a sleep over play date while the dad is gone. My friend who lives near by is going to bring her twin girls over to play and they are going to sleep over one night, which will be fun. And then hopefully we will also see some family while the dad is gone and we might go to the children's museum and the aquarium. I am going to think of some fun things to do so the week will go by quickly. I am always a bit off when he is gone because our schedule revolves around his schedule. When he is gone, I never know what day it is, as they all seem the same. So, we will try to do some fun things and stay busy.

I need to post some pictures soon. We are going to have to buy a new camera, as our seems to be flaking out a bit. That's all for now. Boys are asleep so I need to enjoy my free time:).


Suzanne said...

Unbelievable - gas under 2.00

Jana H said...

Lea, it sounds like the boys are doing great. I miss you all so much. Tell the dad to have fun in Puerto Rico. Sounds like fun. I'm kind of bummed that he's on call for Thanksgiving Day, but my mom has mentioned coming to see you the day after. Maybe we will get to. I will talk to you later. Love you so much.

Tonya said...

Our church is kind of like that. I love that teaching style. You feel inspired to go home and dig in:).

And, yes, I am glad the election is over! LOL!

And, yes, I am thrilled about gas prices. We are headed to GA for Thanksgiving. I hope it just keeps on dropping:). We still haven't dropped below 2 bucks here.