Monday, July 06, 2009

July 6, 2009

The other day the boys said they wanted to "do school". We had just finished breakfast. We sat at the table together and they did a little of everything, including coloring, playing around with writing letters, doing mazes, doing a whole science section of one of our work books (circle all things on the page that are living) and another whole section from the same book but can't remember what it was about now. They sat at the table for at least two hours and it may have been two and a half hours before they were done. I even asked at one point if they were tired of this and wanted to do something else. Answer, "no". Nick was particularly interested in coloring, which really shocked me as both of them have only had short-term interest in coloring to date. Ben has been particularly interested in learning to write letters, most specifically those in his name.

Last week we made a 4th of July cake to celebrate our country's birthday. It turned out very pretty but we won't be using these sprinkles on cakes anymore because they really did not taste very good. We ended up throwing out at least half of the cake, much to Ben's dismay.
These pics are from this really neat park that the dad found. It was a great water play area for little ones too but it was being serviced and was not working on this day. That stone wall in the background where the ladies are sitting is actually part of the water play area. It has little fountains all along the top of it and, when it is on, the water runs all over it and down the sides to the ground. I wish I had taken more pics of the whole park because, although it is small, it is very unique. Next time I will have to take more pics.

This is a modern day merry-go-round. The kids love it. The boys were not on it when I took the picture though.
The boys had been climbing on these so I asked them to sit in them so I could take a picture.

This is the hat that the dad wore when we went canoeing. He looked like Indiana Jones. At one point when we were getting ready, he had the brim of the hat turned upwards where it kind of just stuck out straight all the way around. I told him it was the difference between Indiana Jones (brim as seen in pic below) VS Barney Fife (brim sticking straight out). He thought that was pretty funny. He kept the brim down after that:).
One might think B would be a happy little canoe-er, based on this picture. One would be wrong:).

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