Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009

We are looking around for lots to build a more energy efficient house and have more play space.  While I was driving around today, I noticed a new area that looked like it might be an upcoming new subdivision. My curiosity got the best of me so I went in and drove around, which raised my curiosity even more as they were building a very large building which did not seem to fit in with a subdivision. So I went to the information building to find out what was going on.
After speaking with the people in the information area, I went out on a tour. As it turns out, they are developing 3,000 acres and they are basically making an entire upscale community within the town. The large building is a new school that will be opening up this fall. They have plans for 4 or 5 subdivisions, a very large park and an outdoor type shopping center (as opposed to a mall-type) with cobble stones and all that. The park and shopping center will be built along the 100 square mile lake that is recently built and almost full of water. They will have upscale eating places along the boardwalk of the lake. They will have a rock maze near the park and a lookout area that you can climb to and can see the downtown of the nearby city. The views around this place are awesome and there are tons and tons of trees. It is a very pretty area.

They are building bike and walking trails all across the entire 3,000 acres, including some where you will have the beautiful views and one completely around the lake (not sure how it will go through the shopping area though). They are building an amphitheater near the lake and park and they plan to have lots of fun family activities in the park, lake, amphitheater area.

They are also building a new main road that goes from this new community to another nearby major road which connects to the nearby highway. This will allow people in the community to get to the nearby city very quickly, without having to go through the local town/traffic. It would cut down on the drive time for the husband to get to work. I also found that there is a back way in to the area that my family could take when they come to visit, so it would actually be much faster/closer for them than where we live now. Both of these are big bonuses because I was concerned about drive time for the husband and also for my family.

I left very impressed with the place and thinking it might be just the place for us to relocate. I came home and told the husband all about it and show him the materials. We ended up going back up there that evening and we all took the tour again. The husband was equally impressed. The boys just wanted to go home:). The husband and I both agreed on the lot that we liked the best. The lots in the two subdivisions we were looking at are all one acre lots.

So, that's where we are now. We are thinking of buying this lot that we both liked, if everything works out all right....and we are praying a lot.

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kate said...

I'm all caught up now. This place sounds ideal! Tell them to save me a lot. ;>