Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009

The developer sent us an email today with the price for the lot and we sent them a counter offer. Hopefully we will hear something tomorrow.

So, if we end up purchasing this lot, things are going to get very, very busy around here. First, we are planning to sell our house as soon as possible, although we will have some work to do to get it ready....mostly deep cleaning stuff, like washing baseboards:). We will also have to find a place to rent, hopefully near where we will be building, and we will need to get a bunch of stuff out of our house to make it ready to sell. Lots to do here.

If all of this comes to fruition, I'm not sure how much formal home schooling we will get done this year. We'll have to play that one by ear. Fortunately the boys are both well ahead of where they should be so I am not too concerned about it. Our number one priority will be learning to read and I'm sure we will still fit in lots of read aloud time. Everything else will be gravy and they will learn a lot from watching the house go up:).

Gotta go. More research to do.


kate said...

Curious about this 5-day plan and off to read more.

Being a general contractor should be interesting!

kate said...

Okay. So you can't really read more about it. I'll be following along to hear how it goes for you guys.