Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 30, 2009

We went up to the new development, signed the paper work and put down the earnest money for the property this afternoon. After we were done, we went over and walked around the pond across the street. Every few steps we walked, a frog would jump into the pond. They were everywhere and the boys loved it. Two houses down from our lot, we saw a lady outside watching her little boy ride his bike on the driveway so we went over to introduce ourselves and say hi. We visited with her for a few minutes. She was very nice and friendly and her little boy is right around the same age as our sons. It is going to be so nice to be in a neighborhood where there are other little kids the same age as ours. I think the boys are really going to love this place.

We had a little boy funny as we arrived at the development to sign the paper work this afternoon. Nick had fallen asleep in the car on our way up to the property. He was awake when we stopped. I was unfastening his seat belt and he said, "Mommy, feel my foot!" I was a bit confused at first, as I felt his foot, and then he said, "It feels fuzzy!" That's when I understood that it had fallen asleep. (Isn't fuzzy a great way to describe this?) This must have been the first time that this had happened to him because he was so surprised and thought it was so funny. It was cute to watch his reaction, telling me to feel his foot as if I could feel it too. I helped him out of the van and let go of his hand as he started to walk away from me and he promptly fell down. He was not hurt but just continued to express surprise, as I helped him up and started to carry him but then he said he thought it was OK again. I put him down and he limped for the first couple of steps and then he was OK.

Another thing that happened was not so funny. The boys were having fun running around in this little building where we were signing our papers. There were only two people working there and us so they didn't mind and they thought the boys were cute. One guy was helping us and the other guy was sitting in the conference room on the other side of this little building. The boys would go into the conference room and sit and spin in the chairs and talk with the guy in there. But then they started running around and I had told them to settle down but we were still in the middle of our discussions so I was only half engaged with them. Then I heard Ben scream that hurt kind of scream that all mom's know. He had run into a door knob with his head and he immediately got a huge goose egg sticking out of his head. It was really scary and I was glad Dr. dad was there with us. This kid has hit his head hard a million times but has never had anything as bad as this. I would have been worried if I had been home alone with the boys when this happened. It didn't take him long though before he was right back at it, although he did make sure to remind me to be careful when I put his pajama shirt over his head tonight. The bump was still quite big and he didn't want anyone to touch it. I can understand why. I'm sure that was painful.

We have been getting a good bit of rain lately and have been enjoying cooler, cloudy weather. It has been such a relief. Time for bed. Good night.


christine said...


congratulations. i am so excited for you. what an adventure for the whole family. i think you will make a fantastic GC.


Lea said...

Thanks Christine. We are really excited about it. I have some mixed feelings about the GC thing, since it is sometimes hard to get things done with the boys, but I'm sure it will work out if we decided for sure to do it this way. Paul wants to put our house plan up for bid amongst the 20 or so builders who are building in our new neighborhood, just to see at what price they would bid but I think we both think we will probably do our own GC thing in the end.