Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 28, 2009

Well, it looks as if we have the property.So, we are planning to go back up there on Thursday afternoon to sign the papers and put down the earnest money. They accepted our offer and did not counter, which was nice.
I have been looking at house plans.....hundreds and hundreds of them. They all start to look the same after a while, mostly because they are a lot alike:). We have a very good idea of what we are looking for and would like to find a plan that is very very close and maybe just needs a couple of small tweaks so that we don't have to pay a lot of money for an architect.  Now we have to start thinking about getting our house ready to sell.

Not much news other than that. The boys and I had a good day today. Today they both learned the days of the week. I have been talking to them each day about what day it is and what day was yesterday and what day is tomorrow and they were already starting to get it. After their nap today they watched a video that had a song about the days of the weeks and I think it kind of hit home.

I still enjoy watching them learn so much. We were reading the book Petunia tonight before bed. If you are not familiar with that book, it is about a goose who finds a book and thinks that she becomes wise simply by carrying it around. She gives lots of bad advice and causes many problems around the barnyard before she finally realizes that she has to learn to read in order for the book to help her become wise. When I finished reading the book to the boys, Nick said "and you are teaching us to read mommy". Yep, and I am but it we are taking the very slow route:).

I had found this old phonics book at the used book store a long time ago. I was going through my books the other day and ran across it so I put it out with their books because I thought they might enjoy it. It has lots of good pics and rhymes. Nick found it and it is now his favorite book of the moment so we read it a lot today. It introduces them to long vowel sounds, which we had not covered yet. I'm not sure how much it will actually help them though. I don't think it is a very good teaching book but I'm sure it won't hurt and it will likely reinforce what we are covering.

We are getting ready to get a good thunderstorm. I like thunderstorms, especially when there is no threat of tornadoes. Good night.

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ChandraJoy said...

WOW!! That is a lot going on!! I pray that everything goes smoothly!!