Monday, May 25, 2009

May 25, 2009

The boys are napping today, which seems strange to me now. It seems unusually quiet on the infrequent occasions when they nap.

Today they were playing outside while the dad worked nearby. I was indoors reading and I kept hearing Ben crying about this or that. I called them in to eat lunch, thinking that might fix the problem. After lunch they wanted to go back out and play so I sent them out, thinking maybe the food did the trick. Nope. I was again reading and again hearing Ben crying. So I called them back in and took them upstairs for a nap, as they both cried....but not for long. It is interesting because they are now getting to an age where they can recognize when they are overly tired and they don't protest too much about quiet time or naps. They were both asleep very quickly and I am sure they will be their normal happy, playful selves when they wake up.

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