Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009

We are fine and everyone here is still well. We have just been very busy lately, enjoying ourselves now that we are finally all better around here. Also, the dad is still on hospital duty, which keeps everyone busier.

I have a few pics to post so I will try to make some time tomorrow (maybe tomorrow night) to write a better post and put up some recent pics...not very many though, as I didn't take many while we were sick:).

We are getting ready to be hit by a big thunderstorm tonight. I can already hear the thunder in the distance. Hopefully it won't interfere with sleeping because I am really sleepy tonight.

I am also spending some time reading my new copy of the latest revision of The Well Trained Mind. It makes me see that I have jumped the gun a bit with the boys. Fortunately the jump is more with purchased materials rather than pushing the boys and we will still use the materials when the right time comes along. I have always taken a very light and fun approach with the boys and normally we are "doing school" when they ask and, even then, we are doing fun stuff like cutting, pasting, folding and coloring, along with mazes and some other fun things. I have tried a few things they were not as excited about and I just put it aside and wait until they are older. So, so far, we are just having fun and playing when we "do school", which is what it should be at this age. Can you believe they will be four years old this fall?! I can't. It seems like it was just yesterday they were little bitty guys, toddling around here. Amazing how quickly the time goes by.

I'm very tired this evening so good night for now:).

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