Saturday, May 02, 2009

May 2, 2009

Little Mr. Nick is so sick. It makes me so sad to him like this. He usually has so much energy and he is a happy-go-lucky kind of kid. We are still overlapping ibuprofen and tylenol and, when both are working together, he has spent some time playing playdoh and lego's. As soon as one of them starts to wear off, he is all curled up in fetal position in the chair or on the couch. Even with both medications, he is still running over 100 degrees fever. He has eaten very little today but he did enjoy crunching some ice chips. He hardly has any voice so he is not talking much and we hear every breath he takes. I am really hoping and praying his fever breaks soon.
The dad and I were both up during the night, taking turns giving Nick medicine. He never called out to us (we still use the monitor because their bedroom is so far from ours) and he never came downstairs but we checked in on him several times to make sure he was OK and gave him more medication to keep his fever under control.

I just put both boys down for a nap and they are now sleeping so I am going to go take a little break. Have a good Saturday!


Karen said...

Hi Lea,

I sure hope everyone is up and playing again soon. When they are so young, I know your heart just breaks when they feel bad.

How about lilly pads for the end of the driveway:).

BTW - have your kids ever seen the Veggie Tales shows? If you have a VCR I will be happy to send you the tapes we have. My personal favorite is the "Where is my hairbrush" episode.

Have a super gr8 1!

Karen said...

Hi again,

Here is a link to the hairbrush song:
I think the veggietales episode was about wanting things you don't need - I probably should watch it as a refresher:).

Have a super gr8 1!