Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20, 2009

Lately I have had several opportunities to watch the boys in action when they are not aware that I am observing them. I stand there watching them, as they are talking to each other excitedly (isn't everything exciting when you are 3.5?), running to and fro (especially if they are outside and playing in water and sand) and generally just so busy (indoors and outdoors!), and I find myself thinking about how quickly they are growing and changing.

I told the husband just yesterday evening, as I watched from the window as the boys played outside, we will blink our eyes and they will be grown. This evening, as I was giving the boys their baths and washing Nck's feet, I once again took notice of how big his feet are now. The past almost two and a half years have already whizzed by. They are both so funny and smart and sweet and lively. I can't imagine what it will be like around here when they are grown and gone. I am trying to savor every moment of this time.

With such lovely weather here these days, we have fallen into a very nice, loose schedule. We normally spend time outside in the mid-morning. We have play dates or go to the park or the zoo. After lunch, the boys play while I clean up and then it is time for quiet time, which lasts 30 to 45 minutes. After that, the boys normally want to watch their 30 minutes of a video or DVD. They play for a little while and then it is back outside for more playtime in the side yard, where the sand box, mud/dirt pit, small pool of water and climbing structure keep them busy until the dad comes home and dinner is ready.

I started this post yesterday (Wednesday evening) and was not able to finish it until today (Thursday night). The boys and I went to the farm today to see Mimi and Papa. My sister and her son were there and my brother and his daughter and another one of my brothers were all there. We had a very nice visit and the boys had a blast, ate too many sweets and received too much attention:). They loved every minute of it. During the trip there and back (about 75 minutes each direction) we listened to The Trumpet of the Swan on CD. It was a bit old for the boys, although they enjoyed parts of it. I really enjoyed it though. I had never heard the story and was not sure what the listening level was so I thought the boys might like it. I will look forward to reading it with the boys when they are a bit older.

Gotta go. Time for bed. Hope you have a wonderful 3-day weekend.


kristin said...

Where did you find the CD? I would love to find a copy! Klaire just finished reading it to me last week! It is such a great story!

Karen said...

Did you ever read the Mitford series by Jan Karon? I loved that series and was sad to see it end - it makes great summer reading:).

Lea said...

Kristin, I got the CD's from our library.

Karen, Thanks for that reminder. I remember hearing those were good but had forgotten about them.