Thursday, May 07, 2009

May 7, 2009

Yay!! We are feeling better around here and today is a sunny day! What a great combination!

Yesterday morning both boys woke up without a temperature and we have been getting better since then. They seem almost back to normal. They are both still coughing a lot, especially in the mornings and at bedtime and Ben may be just a bit behind Nick in recovery, since he caught it last. He is the only one of the four of us that has recovered without needing an antibiotic.

Today we took some flowers to a friend at a nearby hospital and then we stopped at McDonald's for a bite to eat and some playtime. After that we stopped at the park and we had such a great time. It was really beautiful outside, although it was getting a bit warm by the time we left. The boys climbed everything and we hit the slides, swings and the sandbox. They had a ball and Nick was upset when we left...but his face was red from being overheated so it was time to go.

We are home now and taking a little break, after which I am sure they will want to go outside again. Our lawn needs to be mowed sooo badly. We have had so much rain, combined with sickness, and so our lawn has not been mowed in a while and it is really overdue. I think the dad is going to come home a little early this afternoon and work on it. I was ready to hire the guy who mows the lawn next door this time, since the dad has so much on his plate right now (he is on hospital duty, in addition to his normal workload, plus he has two projects at home already underway that have been on hold due to rain and sickness). I called him with this suggestion but he was sure he had time to fit it in.

Our temperature around here has been in the 50's for the past couple of weeks, due to all of the rain. Yesterday was somewhat sunny and it was in the upper 70's. Today it is mostly sunny and it is in the upper 80's. Looks like summer may have arrived:).


Karen said...

Hi Lea,

It sounds like you guys had an EXCELLENT day!

In the winter months (back in the day...) I use to take a pile of magazines and a pile of kids to the McDonalds play place and we would have breakfast and spend the morning - it was a lot of fun:).

It has been cloudy all morning, but now the sun is out and the windows are open - so I join you in saying HURRAY!

Have a super gr8 1!

Jana H said...

Hey Lea,
Glad to hear everyone's doing better. I'm glad the boys have been having fun playing outside. I was looking at pictures of them from about a year ago and I can't believe how big they've gotten since then. I can't believe they'll be four this year. That doesn't seem possible.

Well, only two more weeks, and then maybe I'll get around to come seeing you guys. Give my love to everyone.

musicmommy3 said...

I'm so glad y'all are feeling better!

Jana H said...

Thanks for your sweet comment, Lea. Can't wait to see you too. I've talked to Tarah, and we've thought about maybe coming to see you since that didn't happen earlier. I think it would be fun and manageable if we're not too busy. But yeah, tell my mom and mama hi when they get in tomorrow and give hugs and kisses for me. I love you all.