Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 11, 2009

I promised pictures of my little project of recovering the little stools, so here they are:

Here is one of the stools with the old fabric. I had already cut it loose so the fabric looks looser than it did normally. I wish I knew how old these little stools are. They have to be at least 45 years old or more, possibly even 50.
This is the layer of material under the fabric. Each can has been individually covered with this material and then one piece was fitted over the top. (I didn't do this part. It was already there.) It is holding all of the cans together.
Here is what it looks like underneath.
This is the new fabric I am using to recover them. I used wax paper to trace the top of the stool and then cut out a pattern.
I used a straight piece of fabric for the sides, hemmed it and then sewed it by hand to the top piece.
Then I used the same kind of thick thread that had been previously used to hold the fabric in place. Here is a picture of the underneath again.
I have one finished and the other one just started. I have cut out the fabric and now need to start sewing again. I know if I had a sewing machine and knew what I was doing this would take about 5 minutes. It takes a bit longer by hand:). I do end up with a nice feeling of accomplishment though. Oh what a change has taken place in my life. This project is oh so different than the kind of projects I did when I was working outside the home:). (I have still never missed my old job though!)


Tonya said...

WOW! That is CUTE! I am totally impressed.

Lea said...

Thanks Tonya. The whole time I have been working on these I just keep thinking how adorable they would looked with fabric that made the look like a little flower...but I have boys so no flowers for us:). I originally looked for some boyish fabric but could not find anything I really liked that was thick enough so I decided to go with something that matches our play room / library.

kate said...