Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 11, 2009 Part 2

Today and yesterday were chalk full of busy-ness for us. Yesterday we took a drive up to see my family. First we went to my sister's house and saw her, my mom and my niece and nephew. The boys had a fun time and we all had lunch together. After that, we drove around the area where they live for a while looking at the various neighborhoods. N fell asleep for a little while and B sang songs.

After our drive, we went to my dad's house. Actually, first we went to my grandmother's house because I wanted to take some pictures of the old barn where my cousins and siblings and I used to play on rainy days when we were kids. It is a very old, rickety barn now and looks as if it could fall apart at any minute. That's why I wanted to get pictures of it before it falls down or someone knocks it down. My husband told me to be careful because he was afraid it might fall in on me.

A very long time ago, my grandfather used to milk cows in that barn. It has a couple of very tall rooms that they used as hay lofts and that's primarily where we played, climbing over the hay. Back then, those rooms seemed soooo big. Yesterday they seemed rather small but still very tall.

I also took a couple of pictures of the old tool shed and the potato cellar. The entrance to the cellar was once inside of a large screened-in back porch, which was attached to a very old house, and the tool shed was just behind the porch. The house and porch have now been torn down and I never got any pictures of it before that happened. It was a very old house that had a lot of great memories in it. A new house was built near by and it is not so new anymore. I took pictures of it too, just to have them. It was the first time I had been over there since my grandmother passed away a while back.

I saw a lady at Sam's Club earlier this week who looked so much like my grandmother. It made me long for my grandmother so much and also remember such sweet things about her. Brought a few tears to my eyes, then, and again now. Oh how I miss her.

Anyway, sorry for the side track. After the picture taking, we went to my dad's house and visited with Papa and Mimi for a while. One of my brothers came by and brought us a power washer that we wanted to borrow. Then we headed back home and got home just in time for dinner.

Today I went to the used home school curriculum store and looked around a bit at a couple of things I have been considering for future use. Later in the day, we all went to the store and bought two sets of training wheels and two helmets for the boys. When we got home, the dad put the training wheels on the bikes while I put some chicken and squash on the grill. After we ate, we colored some eggs. It was the first time we have done this with the boys and I would say it was not a stellar event. We were out of vinegar so we used the method which does pastel colors and it did not work as well as I would have liked. But the boys had fun and we can let them put on the stickers tomorrow. We will hide Easter eggs tomorrow after nap, although we will likely have to do it indoors as it is suppose to rain.

The boys are asleep now, earlier than normal. They took a shorter than normal nap today because the power washer woke up Nicl, who then woke up Ben. I have to go do some ironing for church tomorrow:).
Happy Easter!

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