Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April 22, 2009

The boys have been having a ball playing outside this week. Every time they go out, Nick comes in covered with dirt. Ben gets a little dirty, especially his hands, but his clothes do not get as dirty as Nick's. I was standing at the window, watching them play outside the other day and I noticed that Nick plays outside just like he plays in the house.....meaning, he plays on the ground, just as if he were on the floor or rug in the house. He jumps around on it, trying to do hand stands. He throws himself down and rolls down the small hill in our yard. He lays down in the sand box, while making trucks drive around the sand. He is very comfortable outside and he really makes himself at home.

When he comes in, I always have to change his jeans. If it is early in the day, I sometimes put them aside in case he wants to go back outside again later that day. I am having to do laundry often:). And now, as of today, it is time for shorts. So, now it is time for them to go straight to the tub when they come into the house.

Ben is still resisting shorts and short sleeved shirts. Today I finally insisted because it was so hot outside and he was sweating so much.

My mom and sister came to visit today. We cooked burgers and fries out on the grill and we all sat on the patio and had lunch together. It was very nice but it is really warm here the point of being uncomfortably warm if you are in the direct sunlight this afternoon.

We once again made plans to go to K. C. this week. We were going to leave tomorrow. We were going to drive through the town where my niece is going to college and surprise her with a visit, and then head on to K.C., spend the night in a hotel and go to this really fun farm place where we took the kids once a couple of years ago. That evening, we were going to hook up with our friends in K.C., stay with them and do lots of visiting and catching up and just having fun being together again. We were really looking forward to this small vacation.

Yesterday evening, my husband started feeling as if he was coming down with a fever. Sure enough, today he has a fever and is not feeling well. It seems he is coming down with what I have had. I am really still not feeling great myself. I think allergies are likely piling on to the virus I have had and it is making it harder to recover.

So, it seems once again that our trip to K.C. has been canceled. I have lost track. I think this is the third time we have had to cancel in two months. I am really bummed but I would rather go when we are all feeling good. Hopefully we can plan something for later in the year.

Hope you are having a good Wednesday.


Karen said...

Hi Lea,

Your post brings back so many memories! My son was always very tidy - inside and out but my daughter was another matter entirely! She was almost always wearing dresses but she was filthy from head to toe and probably in a tree!

We still tease her because when she was about two, she would bend down and drink the water at the end of the driveway like a dog:(. I figured she was either going to die or have the most powerful immune system ever:). She never gets sick so I guess she went for the latter:).


Jana H said...

Lea, that would've been so fun for you guys to come see me. Well, if you don't get to, that's okay, but if you do happen to be up this way and it's not too much trouble, I would love to see you.

MMrussianadoption said...

we shake our kids clothes out and then strip them down before they enter the house. They go straight up to the bath from outside. This way I minimise the amount of times I have to wash the kitchen floor and vaccuum the house. Otherwise I will never keep the house clean. They track in so much stuff