Wednesday, April 08, 2009

April 8, 2009

Nick: "Mommy, do you like my camp fire? I build it myself."

There is a road on the other side of the fence behind our house. There is a little hole in the fence. Every time a loud vehicle drives by, Nick makes a wild dash to the fence to peek through the little hole and see what it is.

Both boys are enjoying the beautiful sunny day, driving their little cars around and parking them, pretending to go somewhere and come back, getting out and pretending to go in to a store. They have vivid imagination these days.

Nick still sings all the time. At church Bible study, one of the ladies says one of the boys was sitting by himself, while others played, with a book in his hands, singing his little heart out. I'm sure it was Nick. He sings constantly. More often than not, he can think of a song to sing and he sings many different songs that we listen to while driving the car. If he can't think of one, or if he just feels like it, he makes one up. In this case, the words may not be understandable.

He was singing "I've got peace like a river", while they were banging on the pots and pans, which was anything but peaceful. I'm sure it was music to our Lord's ears though.
Ben is having a "ta daaaa" moment, as he finishes up a special piece:).
They both talk about Jesus and God a lot. Ben just ran in to the garage where I am sitting, singing 'and the rains came down and the floods came up' over and over again.

Everything is in bloom here now. The trees are getting their leaves, the Japanese Maple trees are a beautiful, deep red. The dogwood is striking against the large trees hugging in around them. The red bud trees, which are really purple (still can't figure this one out; whoever named them must have been color blind), are still in bloom, although some are starting to turn green. The forsythia has already bloomed and is quickly turning green. My azealas are just getting ready to bloom. They are covered with buds that are so very close to bursting open; a few around the bottom have already bloomed. I have pointed out all of the beautiful blooming bushes and trees to the boys so much that they are now pointing them out to me.

Now Nick is making letters with sticks. He is good at H and A:). Now both boys are making various shapes out of sticks on the garage floor. I asked Nick what he was making and he said "Jesus". Hmmmm. What an imagination. We are all happy to be outside today. I think...I really think that THIS time, the cold is finally over and we will have warmer weather going forward. We'll see but I am going to put the coats away again and hope for the best.

The boys are still taking naps these days, although now, they are consistently napping in big boy underwear. They have been doing this for at least a week or maybe two now and neither of them have had an accident yet. They will still wait too long to run to the bathroom at times, especially Nick, and end up making a mess, but this is happening less and less frequently as the days go by. Overall, they are really doing terrific. They only wear pull ups at night time now. Ben is waking up with a dry pull up most of the time and Nick does at times also, so we are almost there.

 Here is Ben eating a slice of apple into the shape of an animal.
Here it is. I think he said it was a dog. Not bad eh?Nicl is very proud of himself because he spread the cream cheese on his toast all by himself. He did a pretty good job for an almost 3.5 year old.
And here is Ben in action, spreading the cream cheese on his toast. They are both doing very well with this and they also spread peanut butter on crackers for snack sometimes.
I feel like my little boys are becoming big boys so quickly that I don't even recognize or know them at times. I can't keep up. They are changing so quickly. They can do so much for themselves these days and they are such big helpers.


Karen said...

Hi Lea!

I am so glad to have found you and your blog! The pictures and stories are wonderful! I remember when my daughter was really little - before she had language - she use to sing all the time, just lovely random syllables. It still makes me smile to think about it.

I love your stools - they look like a lot of work - but it is really pretty!

Aubrey said...

The Boys are so cute!!..I miss them. I need to sneak by the house soon. =)
And I love B's new hair cut. I think it is very fitting for summer. It's too cute!..Love to all!
XOXO Aubrey

kate said...

They look so BIG. And happy. ;>