Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May 29, 2007

On and off, on and off the step. Ben is still working on the most efficient way to do this. 

The only issue is that they both want to play with the switch at the same time and then someone ends up falling off of the first step and crying a bit.

And this is not necessarily the most efficient way to do it....still learning.

Nick will typically step up while holding on to the white rails on the right.

On and off, on and off go the lights.

Look at me mom! Look what I can do!

And then I wipe my hands all over the wall. For some reason, he likes the feel of the wall, so he rubs his hands around on it.

Aren't I cute??

Ben, what does a monkey say? Ooo ooo ooo ooo! They know lots of animal sounds now. They also have learned how to put almost every shape into the more complex shape sorter that we have. It has ten different shapes, some are very similar and some only fit in one direction so it has been a bit of a challenge for them. I am amazed at how quickly they have learned it though. They love to do it again and again. Their puzzle skills should start improving soon, which is great because I am tired of the emptying-the-puzzle stage.

And, back to the subject of eating. This evening we were having baked salmon and broccoli and the boys could not get enough of the broccoli. When Nick saw that dad was getting more from the pan, he signed for more, very urgently. I was spooning it out of the pan and he kept asking for more the entire time until we ran out. And this was after he had already asked for seconds of the salmon. Ben asked for seconds also. It was pretty funny. I told my husband I would have liked to get that on video but I didn't want my food to get cold....I mean colder.

My turn!

And now, I will pose for pictures!

Our little Nick is definitely a people person. He loves hanging out with people and is not as likely as Ben to go play by himself and keep himself entertained. He is also a little flirt, always waving and smiling at people when we are out and about. He would get upset if a stranger wanted to hold him but he is very happy to smile and wave and put on a little cute performance for them from a distance.

And he never sits still for a minute. Busy is his middle name. I predict he will have a great sense of humor and will love to laugh (he already does). He also may be a little less likely to want to dig into his studies:). On the other hand, we think Ben is just the opposite. He enjoys hanging out with us for a while but also likes time to play on his own. If we have been out and around people for a while, such as at my mom or sister's house, when we get home Ben will go play by himself for a while. Ben loves to sit and look at books by himself and wants to be read to A LOT. Nick may let you read a couple of pages but will start turning pages too fast or will take off with the book. It is too funny how different they are.

He is so quick, it is a challenge to get good pics of him. He runs everywhere he goes. Ben has recently started running also, so they are keeping me very busy these days.

I love watching them learn new things and they are such quick learners. They are a lot of fun.

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Tonya said...

Ah, the lightswitch game. Nothing could be more fun for a toddler. Lyra still grabs at every other light switch we walk past.