Thursday, May 17, 2007

May 17, 2007

Hello? Hello? The "ball" phone.

Everything is a phone these days, which is interesting because I very seldom talk on the phone when they are awake and, when I do, they are normally short conversations.

Hello?? Hello?? The "block" phone.

Hello?? Hello?? The "ball" phone again. They are very amusing at times:).

Seeing the pretend play is great though. This is one of those milestones that we were looking for. They like to push their trucks around, making truck noises too.

The different faces of Nick:

Enjoying his thumb and lovey.

Pitching a fit. He has this down to a science and I am learning that ignoring him can end them very quickly, sometimes. Yesterday he was throwing a fit about something in the kitchen. I was doing something and happened to move where I could not see him. Then I noticed that he got up and moved over to where I could see him again, sat down and started throwing his fit again. Then I moved into the living room and, again, could not see him. He moved into the living room where I could see him again and kept going. It was really funny. But then I asked him if he wanted to sit in the "chair". He shook his head no and stopped the fit. This seems to be pretty effective, unless he is just too tired. The funny thing is when he starts to throw a fit and he sits down on the hardwood floor and then lays down very carefully before really starting to throw his fit. He learned very quickly that it hurts to hit your head on the floor.

Thankfully, his fits normally don't last long and he is usually more like this. He is a funny kid with a great sense of humor. He cracks both me and Ben up at times.

Here is a funny face from Ben, while playing with the pig and the barn.

I have a hard time getting really good pictures of Ben, which is frustrating because he has such a beautiful, contagious smile. This one is pretty good but I am still hoping to catch the really good one at some point. He is such a sweet boy and usually pretty laid back but, man, he does have a temper at times. He loves loves loves to read and will get upset if he brings a book to you and you don't pick him up and read it to him immediately. There are times when I am working in the kitchen and I see him sitting and looking at the books, turning pages and talking to himself. He will do this for quite a while and it is really cute.

It is so interesting to see their little personalities develop and emerge. I love it. You just never know what surprise you are in for each day. Life is definitely an adventure with these two little guys.


Lauri said...

so cute... Livi pretends to talk on the phone as well. Its so nice to see you back blogging and sharing your journey

jeneflower said...

I can't see where to comment on your newest post, so I am doing it here. I wanted to say AMEN to your cleaning philosophy. This is how I feel as well. However, there is one exception- I found that I actually clean the bathroom more with Pineapple than before- because I have to stay with her in the bathroom when she is taking a bath- I get bored in there after awhile- so I clean the bathroom. It never looked so good.

Your boys look so big! What a fun outing with the animals!