Wednesday, May 23, 2007

May 23, 2007

Something that is amusing is that our boys call most women in pictures "momma". They will point to a picture of my mom or my sister and say "momma". When I touch myself and say "momma", they will touch themselves the same way and say "momma". This is actually very cute. When my husband says "take this to momma" or "wave to momma", they will take the correct action. When we are looking at the zoo book and I point to the llama and say "llama", they both say "momma". They usually say it several times in a very cute voice and it always brings a smile to my face.

They have so many words now that I have lost track of them. They do a ton of repeating, all day long, but are less likely to actually use a word to get what they want. One day, when we were having our morning snack, I was asking if they wanted anything else. Nick said "nana", which I took to mean he wanted a banana. I asked if he wanted a banana and they both started repeating "nana" a couple of times and reaching towards the bananas. So I got a banana and we all ate it together.

They currently ask for what they want by pointing and/or grunting or reaching towards what they want and Nick will sign for "more" also. Ben was "pointing" to certain foods in his dish, with his nose of all things, when he wanted to eat that particular food.  He would, over and over again, almost put his nose into his food, blocking his entire plate with his head to point to the food he wanted to eat next. Very funny little boy.

They both know the majority of the parts of their body now. It is really amazing how quickly they learn things. A couple of days ago, I showed Nick how to pull the ball-shaped shape sorter apart and shake it to make the shapes fall out. This morning I saw him doing it by himself and I was really surprised that he remembered how and that he was strong enough and coordinated enough to do it.

I am sure that if Sooner Start were to test them now, they would not qualify for services anymore. From everything I have read, it seems clear to me they are very on track for their ages in all areas of development now, which is wonderful and amazing, especially for Ben who was so far behind only 5 months ago.

My brother-in-law was here visiting last week. It was the first time he had met the boys. He was amazed at how well they are doing and commented that, if he had not known their history, he would never have suspected that they had not been with us since birth. They just act like totally normal, American toddlers. It is a beautiful and amazing thing.

We went to my sister's house yesterday and spent the day visiting with her, my mom and my niece and nephew. The boys had a great time and they really loved rolling around on the floor with my nephew. He is just finishing seventh grade and he is really good with them and they both just love him to death. It is really cute to watch. The neat thing was what my nephew told my sister after the last time we visited. When he was little, like our little guys, he always loved playing with his older, male cousin. He couldn't wait for his cousin to arrive at our family events and would hang on him and rough-house with him the whole time. My nephew told my sister that he now gets to be to our boys what his cousin was to him when he was little. It was really sweet.

Some cute pics:

Nick with his "buddy". We bought this little giraffe at a grocery store in Volgograd. He sleeps with it every night and at nap time. It is the perfect size for him. Sometimes Ben will walk around with his thumb in his mouth while holding Nick's little buddy. It is funny because Ben is not a thumb sucker at all and does not really care about a buddy or lovey or anything else. I bought him a little buddy, a small stuffed kitty that looks a lot like this giraffe actually (same color and just a little smaller). We hand it to him every night when he goes "night night" and he promptly smiles and throws it out of his crib, no matter how many times we pick it up and give it back to him.

Ben and Nick playing in the library room of our house. We had work men taking out two large windows in our living room so I had to move all of the toys into another room and we camped out there for the day.

I taught Nick how to climb onto the rocking horse by himself. He loves to rock it as high as he can, surprise surprise. Ben is a bit more cautious on it. Nick has also learned how to climb up on the couch by himself now. Fun times have begun!

I thought it was funny how Nick put his legs up around the horses neck. I think he is just a little too short for them to reach downwards.

Do you think he enjoys himself??

After wearing my ball cap at the zoo the other day, Nick now has this thing for caps.

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Tonya said...

Hey Lea! Glad you're blogging again. I am just getting around to catching up on the last few posts of all my old haunts. I will probably be blind in the morning:):):). All of my babies said "mamamamamamamama" -just practicing sounds (they did "dadadada" too). The day will come when they associate the word "mama" with you:):):)