Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 16, 2009

First of all, I must apologize for not finishing up the book chapters in a timely fashion. I do intend to do this, I have just been temporarily side tracked for a short time. I actually have the book sitting next to me right now and had intended to write a chapter summary this evening but time has slipped by to quickly on me. The problem is that I am reading a novel right now so it is taking some of my free time, which I have very little of to begin with:). I will finish it soon and get back to it.

Today was dentist day. The boys had their six month check up today and it went exceptionally well. They both handled it like champs. When their names were called, N looked at me and said he wanted me to go in with him but then the lady and I both said something about him being a big boy or something or another. Both boys marched right in with no problem at all after that. I sat in the waiting room, praying for the boys, reading a book and praying some more. I was hoping and praying they would have have a good experience. At one point I heard a child crying/whining so I looked through the window but it was another child. My two were each lying in their chair with mouth open, like model patients. After B had his cleaning, he thought they were finished so he came out to see me. Soon after the lady came out and told him the dentist still needed to look at his teeth. I think he was a bit confused. I should have explained that ahead of time. I normally try to remember to set their expectations before we do something new or something we don't do often and I try to describe what will happen in great detail, as I have seen that it seems to really help them and they know better how to behave and what to expect. Anyway, he followed her back in with no complaints. They both had good reports and they were both proud of themselves for being such big boys.

After the dentist, we went out for a bite to eat, kind of as a reward, and they had some playtime at McD's. Then we headed off to find this physical therapy place because I needed to buy another piece of this hard foam stuff to use in my physical therapy torture treatment.

We came home and we all had a nap. I really needed one too as I heard B cry out around 2:30am. He went right back to sleep but he woke up N, who then cried out but then got quiet. So I thought they were both sleeping and then N showed up in our room so I held him for a little while, contemplating whether or not we would be able to sleep with him in our bed, knowing we would not (especially me) but so tired I really did not want to make the trip back upstairs with him. I eventually made myself get up and took him back upstairs. He was perfectly fine with it, although wanted his pull up changed before going back to bed. Before I left the room, he told me that I am his best friend, something he is telling me a lot lately and it warms my heart every time. He also blew me a kiss as I was leaving and I did not realize it so he called me back to do it again and then he was a happy camper.

It is funny that we still sit with the boys until they fall asleep but, if one of them wakes up during the night (pretty much always N, although it happens very seldom) he is fine with me leaving and going back to bed while he goes to sleep by himself. I am always very thankful for that.

After nap, the boys watched a movie and then wanted to go outside and play. They are having a ball this summer in their little swimming pool, the sandbox and also their climbing jungle gym thingy. The dad and I were watching them climb and hang from that thing today and we were amazed at how much upper body strength they have now. They are just growing like crazy.

I have been taking some pictures but the reason I have not posted any lately is because I do not have the right software on my new laptop and I keep forgetting to load it. I'm not even sure where to find it because the husband normally takes things of all things electronic around here. Hopefully we can get it loaded soon.

Saturday night we took the boys to dad's work function, a graduation dinner for the residents. This was not on purpose. The husband and I did not communicate well about it and so we ended up not having a baby sitter that night (oops). But, in the end, I was really glad because it worked out really well, the boys had a nice evening and were very well behaved and we didn't have to spend the extra money for a babysitter (we can spend it on a date night instead:). This was one of those times that I spent some time explaining to them what was going to happen at this event and what it would be like and how they should behave and I also made sure they took a good nap earlier that day. We all enjoyed it and they got to see daddy get up in front of everyone and speak and they enjoyed that. They were wonderful and I was happy to have them with us. Isn't that cool?

Ben saw me cleaning the cat box this morning and said that when he is big, he wants to do that too. I may have to book mark this page and file it in a special folder so I will be sure to remember it when he gets big:).

This has been something that Ben has been saying a lot lately..."when I get big" or "when me get big". He has lots of plans and I need to start writing them all down so I can document them. At dinner tonight, they were both telling us, "So, I went to work today." After that, according to the script, we are suppose to ask what they did at work that day and they end up telling us how many patients they saw that day. The other day, Ben said he was going to be a doctor like daddy when he gets big and Nick said he was going to be a fireman.

Yesterday the boys and I did something special together for Father's Day but I can't tell what we did until after Father 's Day in case said Father happens to read:).

We are staying very busy and spending a lot of time playing outside. The boys are at a great age and I really have no complaints. Are they perfect? Of course not...but then again, neither am I:). Overall, their behavior is pretty good these days and we are getting to do some extra things here and there because I have some extra spending money (the money I earned from the garage sale:).

We are having a fun summer. Hope you are too!


Jana H said...

Hey Lea, it's good to hear about you and the boys. I'm sorry too that I didn't get to see you guys longer last week, but hopefully before the summer is up, I'll get to come stay with you.

I know your book is important to you, but I'm glad you paused to give an update about the boys. They are so cute, and whether the state of our economy changes or not, you'll still have the boys.

Well, I'll talk to you later.

Karen said...

Hi Lea,

I have to admit as much as I have enjoyed reading the book reports - the boy stuff is more fun:). They sound like they are just so much fun and busy!

The rain just will not stop here - the kids had swim team yesterday and they didn't even get in the pool because it was so cold - the good thing is it means there is a lot of chatting time with the kids:) which I really miss when things are so busy.

Take care!